Lake Life

Every summer since I was born, I’ve gone to Virginia for a week or so to visit my grandparents with my family. While in Virginia, we spend most of the time at their lake house on Smith Mountain Lake just lounging and swimming and all that jazz. Well, I just got back from good ‘ol VA this morning and realize that growing up on the lake has definitely made me more of a lake person than a beach person (hello pale skin…no tanning for me) and as such, certain things have become more evident to me each and every time I go back:

1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a huge slice of watermelon on the side make for the best ever simple and oh-so satisfying lake lunch.

2. The lake house uniform: swim suits, coverups, and sunglasses. Add a hat if you’re feeling crazy.


3. No makeup is the best kind of makeup when hanging with your friends and family on the dock.

4. Sunscreen is a must. Stop shaking your head, you know it’s true!

5. In order to be super happy all the time, you must play country music loud and proud from your dock. #TrueTexans


6. Tubing and lake surfing are the best forms of exercise. (Look at my brother Davis tearing it up in the picture above!)

7. Swim until you become pruney in the water. And then swim some more.

8. If your boat breaks down in the middle of the lake (…may or may not of had real life experience with this one this past week, just saying…) make enough commotion until someone comes and tows you back to your dock.

These things I’ve found truer and truer each time I go to the lake every summer. It’s so fun spending time with my family having nothing to do and nowhere to be. You know you’ve got a tough day on your hands when the hardest decision is to go tubing in the morning or in the afternoon…or both! Cheers to life on the lake!


Happy Daddy’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dad’s out there!

To my own Daddy, I love that you love The University of Texas Longhorns just as much as me. I love all of your funny jokes and puns, even when they’re not that funny (ha!). I love your passion for Texas barbecue and your willingness to drive 3 and half hours to Lockhart, Texas so we can enjoy Kreuz Market (side note: some of the best, if not the best, BBQ in Texas…just thinking about it makes my mouth water). I love that you’re always up to go to Jason’s Deli or Campisi’s with me. I love that you’re a little encyclopedia full of random facts and cool information. I’m love that you watch all my trashy reality television shows so we can discuss the insanity and craziness of them all. I love that you always give me the best support and encouragement. But mostly, I love that you love me so much. This day, and every other, is for you Daddy. I love you so so so much!


 Senior Year Homecoming (with UT-themed mum, mind you!)


High School Graduation


Daddy Daughter Dinner Date


 Always supporting my hippie ways (or lack there of…I’m in no way hippie) #KeepAustinWeird


 NOM! This was when we went to Franklin Barbecue, right here in ATX.


Daddy’s buddy, one of our sweet goldens, Big Tex!


Universal Studios


Selfies, can’t get enough of them…


Hair everywhere…don’t even care because (1) I’m with my Dad and (2) that background!


Hook ’em Horns!

Have a crazy, awesome, fun, happy day! Wish I were in Dallas to spend it with you! Sending hugs and kisses from Austin!


Mommy, Today is All About YOU

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mommy’s out there! My mom is essentially my twin with blonde hair. We have the same mannerisms and if we answer a phone call, have fun telling who is who…we talk the same as well! Together we’re also professional power shoppers, baking buddies, speed walkers, and we both love a good TV show (Scandal…Olivia Pope groupies…#noshame). You’re my best friend and while it’s cliché, life wouldn’t be as fun, sweet, crazy, or awesome without you! I love you so much, Mom! I hope you feel extra special today!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageFrom the boys and I to you, we love you so incredibly much!


Spring Break 2014: California, Part 2

Hey everybody! Happy hump daaaaayyyyy (gets me every time). Halfway through the week, we can do it.

Well, I promised to tell you about the second part of my trip to California, so here it is!

On Tuesday afternoon, we flew from LA to San Francisco (can I get a praise the Lord for frequent flyer miles…otherwise is would have been 7 hours in a car from LA to San Fran, no thank you).

The next morning, we hopped on one of the big double decker tour busses and toured all around the city, getting off at the stops we wanted too and just admiring the beautiful city along the way. But lemme tell ya, The Big Bus was such a blessing. The concierge at our hotel recommended it and now I’m telling all of y’all…saves you time and money (and you can’t get lost because you’re not the one driving #holla).

We went EVERYWHERE! San Francisco is breathtaking, all the hills and bridges and bays. San Fran has got a really chill vibe and the people are nice. Win win in my book.

ImageFirst stop: Union Square. Second Stop: Union Square Nike Store. Davis is obsessed with going to all the different Nike Stores in the cities we visit…I’ve been to more Nike Stores around the United States and Europe than I can count. Although the San Fran Nike Store might actually be one of my favs. This display of green, yellow, and red balls was hanging on the second floor (the whole store is six floors) and it was just quite cool to look at from all angles.

ImageNext stop: The Painted Ladies Houses!


ImageThen we finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge! We walked across the whole thing and it was so so windy. But it was so worth it! Fun fact: the Golden Gate is painted in a color called “International Orange.” If it were up to me, that sucker would’ve been painted gold (hello, it’s in the name). But sadly, they didn’t ask me for my opinion.

ImageImageDid I mention is was my mom’s birthday the day we toured all of San Fran? Well it was and I was so happy to celebrate it with her! Love you, Mommy!

ImageNext up, Chinatown. Not the biggest fan of Chinese food but we had some bomb diggity food at a hole in the wall place down there. And the waitresses were possibly the nicest people ever. Extra points in my book for great service. Davis ate his weight in dumplings, typical.

ImageSome ancient Chinese Warrior I found in a tourist shop.

ImageAfter a long day of sightseeing, we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf for a seafood filled birthday dinner for mama. After that, we went into some shops and got a few knick-knacks here and there. Fun fact #2: Davis’s favorite ice cream flavor is green tea (Chinese little brother at heart, I’m telling ya) and he got two huge scoops of it on the pier. Weirdo. That’s why I love him.

ImageSpeaking of ice cream….

After dinner we walked to Ghirardelli Square where there is the biggest Ghirardelli chocolate factory and store ever. There was literally every time of chocolate imaginable in that place. Everywhere you turned, BAM, more chocolate.

ImageThe next morning, we ventured to Alcatraz…hey Al Capone. It’s a must see when you go to San Fran but ooooh girl was it eerie. And kind of creepy… There’s absolutely no way I would take a tour at night to that place. After an hour, I was ready to jet and do something uplifting and happy. #shopping

ImageImageWe went to Lombard Street (aka America’s Crookedest Street). And yes, we drove down it. It was a like a little roller coaster in the car. Weeeee!

ImageMuir Wood Forest was our next stop. This place is so peaceful (#takemeback). The red wood trees are HUGE. The majority of the trees are taller than a football field. And you’d have to have multiple tree huggers to get all the way around the trunk of the tree. Massive.

ImageGetting a picture with him is the definition of a struggle.

ImageFriday rolled around quite quickly and it was time to say goodbye to good ‘ol San Fran. We had a flight out of San Jose so we took advantage of the small drive and stopped in Palo Alto on our way there. We visited Stanford and WOAH Y’ALL, definitely my favorite school (other than Texas of course, nothing better). I also got to see my friend, Jackie, who runs cross country there so it was fun getting to see her!

California was great. I love it there. The weather is gorgeous and the landscapes are overwhelming beautiful. It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my family! And now I’m back at school on the daily grind… #realitycheck Hope all you lovely people had a wonderful spring break as well!



Spring Break 2014: California, Part 1

WOAH, y’all! This past week I’ve been in California for Spring Break and what a crazy, busy, awesome, fun, wonderful, hectic, tiring, thrilling, exciting week it was!

As y’all know, last Spring Break, the fam and I traveled to Southern California (read all about it here).

We went to Disneyland and then drove down the breathtaking Highway 1 to San Diego. Well, this year we once again traveled to the sunny state but this time went to Los Angeles again (and surrounding areas) and San Francisco!

Basically, I’ve fallen in love with California all over again. Especially the California weather…it’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

On Sunday morning we flew into LAX. As Miley so eloquently noted in her hit song “Party in the USA” we “hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan.” And yes, we essentially did just that. But with minor differences, mind you. While I dreamed of having a lovely time in LA, I did not wear a cardigan because goodness knows I do not want to be like Miley. She’s not really my style…if you catch my flow. I don’t do well with tongues and all that jazz.

We had the best time!

First stop, the cutest restaurant, Lemonade.

ImageImageLemonade is a super cute restaurant. They have locations all around the LA area (they also have one in Dubai, so yeah, random) and they serve, you guessed it, all different types of Lemonade!!

I got the Guava Limeade and it was quite delicious. My mom got the Blueberry Mint Lemonade which was my other favorite. And Davis got Blood Orange Lemonade and Daddy got an Arnold Palmer. Lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher, in my opinion.

They also serve food! I got a portion of butternut squash, brussels sprouts, red grapes, and almond salad and then a portion of some snap peas and edamame covered in black and white sesame seeds. It was a double-NOM-NOM-good.

ImageAfter lunch, we went to visit UCLA. One of my old club soccer teammates, Taylor, plays soccer there and they had a spring game that we got to watch! It was so fun getting to surprise her and even better giving her a huge hug!

ImageWe went to Malibu for dinner and took some quality family selfies. Love it!

ImageMy “little” brother is officially taller than me! When did this happen?!

ImageChilling on the beach in Malibu with my main boo, my mommy! Of course!

ImageThe next day we went to Universal Studios!

ImageMy favorite part of the day was the Studio Movie Tour which goes on the back lot where all the TV shows and movies are shot! We even got to drive down Wisteria Lane where the series Desperate Housewives was filmed! It was awesome!!!

ImageThe views around Universal, and all of California for that matter, are breathtaking!

ImageLater that night, we went to explore both Venice Beach and Santa Monica. We found Barbie’s Beach House in Santa Monica!

ImageThe next day we went to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank and took the VIP Behind the Scenes Tour. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Getting to see all the cool stuff that goes into making sets and filming some of my favorite TV shows is quite fascinating to me! You MUST do this tour if you go to California!

ImageWe even took a trip to Central Perk on the set of Friends! So so cool! The fam and I watched Friends later that night at the hotel and were like “Hey, been there, done that.” Ha!

ImageLast thing we did in LA before going to San Fran the next day was go to an observatory to view the Hollywood sign and see all of LA from afar. It’s somewhat hard to see but the Hollywood sign is wayyyyy back behind Davis and me. It’s small but it’s there. Hooray for Hollywood!

We had a spectacular time in Hollywood, LA, Burbank, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach…WOW, WE DID A LOT! Too. Much. Fun.

This is part one of The Brinks Fam Cali tour, stay tuned for part two (all about San Francisco)! Coming soon…



Spring Break 2013: Southern California

Little throwback thursday…make that flashback friday…action going in to this post. 

Last spring break the brinks fam took over Southern California. We went EVERYWHERE. From Laguna to La Jolla, from San Diego to the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, to every beach in between. [Hit me up 90210. Palm tree lined roads and Rodeo Drive. HELLO. In love.] The trip was amazing.

Davis and I had to wear sunglasses the whole time not because of the sunshine but because we didn’t want to attract any paparazzi. I mean, we’re practically Dallas celebrities and we just wanted a relaxing afternoon. Ask us red heads; it’s tough being famous, gosh. HA.

Here’s a collection of pictures to prove the fun that was had on last year’s #springbreak2k13: 


 Pink’s Hotdogs for lunch in Hollywood 


 The Beverly Hills Hotel  


 Disneyland (and Dole Whips, my favorite)


 USS Midway 


 San Diego Zoo


Coronado Island


 La Jolla


San Diego Botanic Garden

A vacation with my family is fast paced and fun. We see, we eat, and we experience everything and anything we can. We had the best time. And this coming week, I’m off to San Francisco! From SoCal to NorCal, I’m ready to conquer it all, naturally.




Adore: Veranda, Claim to Fame

Veranda magazine is one of the world’s most exquisitely and impeccably produced interior design magazines showcasing only the most prestigious interior designers and houses. Only published six times per year, a room my grandmother, Beverly Field, decorated graces the covers of the January-February 2014 edition with the other rooms of the estate throughout the magazine.


The house my grandmother decorated for Nancy Dedman was photographed for Veranda after three years in the making. After countess trips overseas to Europe, antique markets, and to design centers, the final product is breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking.

Bevy, as my brother and I call her, is the “best of the best.”. Designing for influential people in Highland Park (Dallas), she knows her stuff. Mixing antiques with crazy pops of color and modern pieces, my grandmothers taste is stunning and spectacular. And I’m not just saying this because she’s my grandmother…the pictures prove it.

Veranda Dining Room

Dining Room

Veranda Family Room

Family Room

(Bevy and I call the hot pink chair on the right side the ice cream cone chair because it looks just like a hot pink ice cream cone!)

Veranda Guest Bedroom 

Guest Room (View 1)

(The cheetah carpet, I die. I love. Go Bevy, my cheetahlicious and divalicious grandma.)

Veranda Guest Room 2

Guest Room (View 2)

Veranda Hallway 


(We call this the Hall of Mirrors because it reminds Bevy and I of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles.)

Veranda living room

Living Room, as shown on cover 

Veranda Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Veranda Red Room Library

Red Room/Library

Veranda Stairway


Veranda Driveway


It’s a tie between the master bedroom and the red room/library for my favorite rooms in the house. The master bedroom is so light and airy and fit for a princess. While you can see a little bit of it at the top of the photo, there is a magnificent and colorful blown glass chandelier hanging in the master that Bevy got in Paris. But the red room is just as fabulous. My grandmother (and I) both love a bit of cheetah print and those big cheetah chairs in contrast to the red walls make for an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Overall, this is one of my favorite houses Bevy has decorated. She is so talented!



[All photos courtesy of]

Adore: Doggies

Well, Christmas break is officially over and I am trying to get back into the swing of things at school. The hardest part? Adjusting my sleeping schedule. Instead of going to bed at midnight and sleeping in until 11….it’s more like going to bed at midnight but waking up at 7 in the morning. Ugh. I need my beauty sleep to stay fabulous. Ha.

And speaking of sleep, I miss my cuddle buddies that slept with me every night over break: my two golden retrievers, Tex and Rosie.

Tex and Rosie are brother and sister and they are the best pups around. They turned 8 years old this past August and let me tell you, they run the household. In the best way possible.  I have a queen bed and Rosie sleeps on the pillow next to me…she’s a princess and I love it. Tex, on the other hand, rotates between my bed, my brother’s bed, and my parent’s bed. Depends on what he’s feeling that night. Both Tex and Rosie have such distinctive personalities that make them such fun and lovable dogs (basically humans).

Rosie could sleep all day. And I mean, all day. She has the fluffiest and softest fur and when she get’s excited she jumps up and down like a rabbit. It’s so funny because Rosie is quite curvacious and it’s quite a struggle sometimes…if ya know what I mean. Rosie is truly a diva princess.

ImageExample A: My bed is completely made yet Rosie doesn’t mind. It’s a prime sleep spot. 

Image“Brinkley, stop taking pictures of me. I love you but I just want to sleep.” -Rosie Belle

ImageShe could stay like that all day. Rosie loves her lovin’…especially from Mom. 

ImageThis picture only happened because I had a cookie in the air that she wouldn’t take her eyes off…I then had to give her the cookie because, I mean, look at her. How can you resist?  

And then there’s Tex. Texas is quite the dog. He just loves being a dog, really. He always has a toy in his mouth and is always just around. If you’re in the room, he’ll be there too…while Rosie will be in her spots around the house sleeping. He loves going on car rides and sticking his head all the way out of the window and he LOVES going on walks. He recognizes the word when we say it and goes crazy. Tex loves adventure and he loves my dad so so much. They are the bestest of buddies.


“Ready for my closeup Bwinkalee!” -Tex

ImageImage “Hey look at my toy. Look at me. Tell me how great I am.” -TexImage Best Buds.


All Tucked in and Ready for Bed

Tex and Rosie are the best pups ever and one of the hard things about coming back to Austin is leaving them! I miss you guys! But the best part is, Tex and Rosie are two peas and a pod and they always love to hang out with each other. Xx.


Blankets oh blankets..and pillowsIMG_8161

Sleeping Selfies

IMG_3908 IMG_2671

They’re quite protective around their bones…

I love both of them so so much.

[Freshman] Dancin’ Around the Christmas Tree

So, finally finals are over with and I’m back in good ‘ol Dallas with my family. I came back Thursday night…just in time for my brother’s freshman Christmas dance the next night. He looked mighty dapper and handsome. And cute. But I’m not supposed to say that because Davis doesn’t want to be ‘cute’ but by gosh, I couldn’t care less. He looked cute, snazzy, and preppy (extra in love with his bowtie!) and I loved every bit of it.






Isn’t he the CUTEST? Xx.