Spring Break 2014: California, Part 1

WOAH, y’all! This past week I’ve been in California for Spring Break and what a crazy, busy, awesome, fun, wonderful, hectic, tiring, thrilling, exciting week it was!

As y’all know, last Spring Break, the fam and I traveled to Southern California (read all about it here).

We went to Disneyland and then drove down the breathtaking Highway 1 to San Diego. Well, this year we once again traveled to the sunny state but this time went to Los Angeles again (and surrounding areas) and San Francisco!

Basically, I’ve fallen in love with California all over again. Especially the California weather…it’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

On Sunday morning we flew into LAX. As Miley so eloquently noted in her hit song “Party in the USA” we “hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan.” And yes, we essentially did just that. But with minor differences, mind you. While I dreamed of having a lovely time in LA, I did not wear a cardigan because goodness knows I do not want to be like Miley. She’s not really my style…if you catch my flow. I don’t do well with tongues and all that jazz.

We had the best time!

First stop, the cutest restaurant, Lemonade.

ImageImageLemonade is a super cute restaurant. They have locations all around the LA area (they also have one in Dubai, so yeah, random) and they serve, you guessed it, all different types of Lemonade!!

I got the Guava Limeade and it was quite delicious. My mom got the Blueberry Mint Lemonade which was my other favorite. And Davis got Blood Orange Lemonade and Daddy got an Arnold Palmer. Lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher, in my opinion.

They also serve food! I got a portion of butternut squash, brussels sprouts, red grapes, and almond salad and then a portion of some snap peas and edamame covered in black and white sesame seeds. It was a double-NOM-NOM-good.

ImageAfter lunch, we went to visit UCLA. One of my old club soccer teammates, Taylor, plays soccer there and they had a spring game that we got to watch! It was so fun getting to surprise her and even better giving her a huge hug!

ImageWe went to Malibu for dinner and took some quality family selfies. Love it!

ImageMy “little” brother is officially taller than me! When did this happen?!

ImageChilling on the beach in Malibu with my main boo, my mommy! Of course!

ImageThe next day we went to Universal Studios!

ImageMy favorite part of the day was the Studio Movie Tour which goes on the back lot where all the TV shows and movies are shot! We even got to drive down Wisteria Lane where the series Desperate Housewives was filmed! It was awesome!!!

ImageThe views around Universal, and all of California for that matter, are breathtaking!

ImageLater that night, we went to explore both Venice Beach and Santa Monica. We found Barbie’s Beach House in Santa Monica!

ImageThe next day we went to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank and took the VIP Behind the Scenes Tour. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Getting to see all the cool stuff that goes into making sets and filming some of my favorite TV shows is quite fascinating to me! You MUST do this tour if you go to California!

ImageWe even took a trip to Central Perk on the set of Friends! So so cool! The fam and I watched Friends later that night at the hotel and were like “Hey, been there, done that.” Ha!

ImageLast thing we did in LA before going to San Fran the next day was go to an observatory to view the Hollywood sign and see all of LA from afar. It’s somewhat hard to see but the Hollywood sign is wayyyyy back behind Davis and me. It’s small but it’s there. Hooray for Hollywood!

We had a spectacular time in Hollywood, LA, Burbank, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach…WOW, WE DID A LOT! Too. Much. Fun.

This is part one of The Brinks Fam Cali tour, stay tuned for part two (all about San Francisco)! Coming soon…




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