Adore: Doggies

Well, Christmas break is officially over and I am trying to get back into the swing of things at school. The hardest part? Adjusting my sleeping schedule. Instead of going to bed at midnight and sleeping in until 11….it’s more like going to bed at midnight but waking up at 7 in the morning. Ugh. I need my beauty sleep to stay fabulous. Ha.

And speaking of sleep, I miss my cuddle buddies that slept with me every night over break: my two golden retrievers, Tex and Rosie.

Tex and Rosie are brother and sister and they are the best pups around. They turned 8 years old this past August and let me tell you, they run the household. In the best way possible.  I have a queen bed and Rosie sleeps on the pillow next to me…she’s a princess and I love it. Tex, on the other hand, rotates between my bed, my brother’s bed, and my parent’s bed. Depends on what he’s feeling that night. Both Tex and Rosie have such distinctive personalities that make them such fun and lovable dogs (basically humans).

Rosie could sleep all day. And I mean, all day. She has the fluffiest and softest fur and when she get’s excited she jumps up and down like a rabbit. It’s so funny because Rosie is quite curvacious and it’s quite a struggle sometimes…if ya know what I mean. Rosie is truly a diva princess.

ImageExample A: My bed is completely made yet Rosie doesn’t mind. It’s a prime sleep spot. 

Image“Brinkley, stop taking pictures of me. I love you but I just want to sleep.” -Rosie Belle

ImageShe could stay like that all day. Rosie loves her lovin’…especially from Mom. 

ImageThis picture only happened because I had a cookie in the air that she wouldn’t take her eyes off…I then had to give her the cookie because, I mean, look at her. How can you resist?  

And then there’s Tex. Texas is quite the dog. He just loves being a dog, really. He always has a toy in his mouth and is always just around. If you’re in the room, he’ll be there too…while Rosie will be in her spots around the house sleeping. He loves going on car rides and sticking his head all the way out of the window and he LOVES going on walks. He recognizes the word when we say it and goes crazy. Tex loves adventure and he loves my dad so so much. They are the bestest of buddies.


“Ready for my closeup Bwinkalee!” -Tex

ImageImage “Hey look at my toy. Look at me. Tell me how great I am.” -TexImage Best Buds.


All Tucked in and Ready for Bed

Tex and Rosie are the best pups ever and one of the hard things about coming back to Austin is leaving them! I miss you guys! But the best part is, Tex and Rosie are two peas and a pod and they always love to hang out with each other. Xx.


Blankets oh blankets..and pillowsIMG_8161

Sleeping Selfies

IMG_3908 IMG_2671

They’re quite protective around their bones…

I love both of them so so much.


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