Last Man Standing

Franklin BBQ located right in the middle of Austin, Texas serves up some of the best BBQ in the state. Do you question me? Just look at the line that forms an hour before the place even opens…


My dad and I went to Franklin’s on Tuesday around 1 o’clock and the line was wrapped around the exterior restaurant like we expected, but…we were 6 people behind the “Last Man Standing”.

No what the heck is that? Well, it is the last person as designated by Franklins that is guaranteed food. Everyone behind that person (…me and my dad) must wait at his or her own risk. And it’s not just a 15-minute wait; it’s more like an hour to two-hour wait. But it is completely 100% worth it if you get food. Franklin BBQ only smokes so much meat per day. And when it’s all gone, they close for the day.

ImageInitiate Drooling…Now.

 Well, my daddy being the BBQ extraordinaire that he is told me that he’d been behind the Last Man Standing Before and waited in line and sure enough, there was food when he finally got to the counter.  So, we both decided to wait (for an hour and half) and I sure am thankful we did. Just like my dad said, there was still plenty of food for us to get a sandwich for both of us.

ImageBBQ Extraordinaire, AKA, My Awesome Daddy

While the wait might’ve seemed like forever, it was fun. We met an amusing family visiting from out-of-town and ended up eating with them when we all got our food. They had never had any BBQ as good as Franklin’s so it sure was fun to be there to experience it with them.

ImageNew Friends and Good Food

And the food: OMG. So delicious, melt in your mouth good amazing. Your belly will be thanking you after you put some pulled pork in your mouth. Now I was simple and just got a sliced beef sandwich and doused it in BBQ sauce but my dad got the “Tipsy Texan”.

ImageMy Little Sandwich and The Tipsy Texan

The Tipsy Texan tastes like everything that is good in this world. Here it is: a huge hunk of glorious smoked brisket is chopped into chunks then slid onto a large white bun. Next, the brisket is topped with some purple coleslaw and some thinly sliced pickles. But that’s not all. Slices of sausage get laid on top all of that mouthwatering goodness. Slid onto a tray covered in butcher paper, you’ve got yourself a sandwich worthy of a king.


Franklin BBQ is every bit worth the wait. Get up early and make a day out of it with your friends and family because when you finally get to the counter where the meat it waiting for you, you’ll be thanking me that you did.



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