Happy [belated] 20th Birthday to ME!

October 29, 1993. The day the world stopped. The day the fiery and feisty red head came into being. The day I was born.

Totally kidding! But yesterday was my birthday and I am officially 20 years old! No more teenage years for me, hello 20’s! Woah.

What crazy plans did I have to celebrate my birthday with? Nothing much, really. I had class in the morning, soccer practice in the afternoon, and plenty of homework to fill my night. So, knowing that I was going to be über busy on my actual birthday, I decided to have more a birthday week…

It all started last weekend when my mom came to Austin to visit me! Having her in the Big ATX made me so overjoyed enough but she came bearing gifts. She surprised me with some fun birthday presents!

My sweet Mommy surprised me with:

Basically everything in this outfit…

IMG_7366 - Version 2

Top: J.Crew Ruffled Rhinestone Top

Shoes: DV Booties from Nordstrom

Purse: Tory Burch, similar

Blue Tory Purse

I’m obsessed with my new purse. It’s so AHHH-MAZING.

But the fun didn’t stop there. I was surprised with new hunter rain boots!! Yes, that’s right…what I blogged about a week or so ago {here}. I got a pair of tall gloss black rainboots! I’m in love. Rain was on the forecast for today so you better believe I was walking around campus in my new wellies.

But my sweet family weren’t the only ones to think of me. My roommates, Sarah and Kendall, surprised me as well. They took me to Chuy’s (our fav Mexican food place) on Monday and they surprised me with gifts when I woke up ! I felt so loved!

Sarah got me an arrow necklace! Pi Phi’s main symbol is an arrow and the necklace is absolutely perfect! Delicate and gold, I carry a little bit of Pi Phi with me everywhere.

Arrow Necklace

Kendall surprised me with a C. Wonder bangle. It’s basically screams “Brinkley” in bangle form. It’s hot pink and has my initial on it…what more could I want? It’s perfect.

C Wonder

In addition to the gifts, I received lots of sweet cards from my friends and family and countless birthday texts and hugs, I felt so loved on my birthday. I have such wonderful friends and I’m thankful for each and every one of them (you know who you are!).

So much love and happiest of birthdays,



S’mores Cookies

Haven’t blogged about baking in a while, have I?!

Well that ends now. Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I was requested by my teammates to make my s’mores cookies to celebrate my birthday at practice. Yes, that’s right. I am making the sweets to celebrate my birthday with. Truthfully, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It gives me an excuse to bake!

Before and after:



These cookies are fantastic. Here’s the recipe:


  • 11 Tablespoons Butter-Flavored Crisco
  • 1 Cup Brown Sugar
  • ½ Cup White Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Tsp. Vanilla
  • 1 Tsp. Baking Soda
  • ½ Tsp. Salt
  • 1 Tsp. Cinnamon
  • 2 ½ Cups Flour
  • 1 Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Cup Mini Marshmallows
  • 3 Hershey’s bars (Broken into Pieces)
  • 2-3 Sleeves of Graham Crackers (Broken into Squares)


  1. In a bowl, combine the flour, baking soda, salt and cinnamon and leave to the side.
  2. Next, beat together butter with white and brown sugar until light and fluffy (2-3 minutes). Add the eggs and vanilla and mix until combined.
  3. Add the flour mixture to the butter mixer and combine on low speed…try not to make too much of a mess.
  4. Next, throw in the chocolate chips and marshmallows and then add a little extra of each for good measure.
  5. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Get out a cookie sheet and lay out your graham crackers with one inch around each…I place 12 graham crackers on each sheet. This recipe will make around 2 to 3 dozen (depending on how much dough you eat before putting everything in the oven…….)
  6. Place a tablespoon of dough on each graham cracker. Press the dough down just a tiny bit on top of the graham cracker. Bake for 7-8 minutes then remove from oven to press Hershey’s bar pieces on to the top! It adds the cutest little decoration and the perfect amount of extra chocolate.
  7. They cookies will be done when the edges begin to turn golden brown. Remove to a wire rack to cool. Or just dig right in and enjoy. I mean, cookies are best warm and gooey.

Like I said earlier, these cookies are fantastic, phenomenal, and scrumptious. They are all of my friends’ favorites. Throw any idea you had of s’mores cookies out of the window and replace it with these. You can thank me later. Happy baking! Xx.

Brinkles Sprinkles

Megan Comes to ATX!

This past Monday, my best friend from Notre Dame came to visit me in Austin!!! I haven’t seen her since the beginning of summer so you could imagine how big my smile was when she told me she was coming!

Megan was on fall break this past week and decided to come visit me in Austin! Also, her friend, Gabby, from Notre Dame traveled with her to Dallas and came along as well! It was such a lovely day full of so much laughter and catching up.

We started off on South Congress and went to Hopdoddy’s for lunch.


For those of you who’ve never been to Hopdoddy’s, it’s quite delicious and worth the wait. There’s always a line. We went on Monday afternoon and the place was packed. Hopdoddy Burger Bar is known for their delicious and unique burgers but more so for their outrageous shakes. My favorite is the Nutella Chocolate Pretzel Shake. Yes, you read that correctly.

Next, we headed to Jo’s Coffee (also on South Congress) to take the oh-so-typical Austin picture in front of the “I love you so much” wall. Now, Megan and I didn’t just take a picture…we had more of a photoshoot, per say…



If you can’t tell, we have fun together.

Next up, we went to Castle Hill. It’s a public area in Austin that is a place where artists are free to graffiti all over the place and lots of people visit to check out the constantly changing art! It’s a super cool place. And if you climb to the top, you can see the Austin skyline. I, of course, made Gabby and Megan climb to the top (in our nice clothes) to get the full experience. We’re all about adventure.


Cool, right?

In the afternoon, I took them back to my apartment so they could drop off their stuff. Then, while I worked on homework for a couple of hours, they went to the Capitol. Then they proceeded to drive around campus taking in all the sights and sounds. And noting on how amazing everything is, hook ’em.

Later that night, we went to Mount Bonnell to watch the sunset over Lake Austin. It was perfect because the cloud coverage made for a beautiful sunset!


 After that, we decided to go back to campus and say hi to some high school friends…Megan is famous around campus, don’t ya know. Once I tweeted that THE Megan Garcia was in town, my phone started buzzing with people asking to see her! What can we say, we love you, Megan!!

Finally, after a long day, Megan, Gabby, and I all headed back to my apartment. We had such a fun day and I didn’t want Megan to leave in the morning!! But, before she left Tuesday morning, we went to Kerbey Lane to eat some pancakes and send them back to Dallas on full stomachs.

It was so fun having you in town, Megan! Love you! xoxo


Off to the Theatre

I love musicals; I think they’re so happy and fun. I love singing along to the songs. I love the sets and I, of course, LOVE the costumes—the bigger, the better, the more outrageous the more magical.

Book of Mormon

This weekend my sweet friend and roommate of mine, Kendall, and I went to see The Book of Mormon. Not exactly knowing what this musical was about when buying the tickets, all of our expectations were blown away. We knew it would be amazing because it came from Broadway all the way to ATX but OMG, of all the musicals I’ve seen in my lifetime, this is by far my favorite one to date. Funny, witty, sarcastic, and happy, this musical is wonderful. I can’t exactly explain what its about but you can go look up the theatre trailer!

Here are a couple more I’ve seen. I would recommend them all!

Mary Poppins

My family and I saw Mary Poppins The Musical at the Texas State Fair! After getting our Fletcher’s corny dogs and other fried food delicacies (ha!), we laughed and smiled oh so much at the magical world of Mary Poppins.

Charlie Musical

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory The Musical! Seeing this  was really a treat. Emily and I saw it in London this summer. It was in its premier week in London at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane and hasn’t even come to the states yet! But when it does come, you absolutely must go. Everything one loves about the movie is put into a colorful and outrageous song and dance!

The Lion King

When I think of the ultimate musical, I think The Lion King. My other roommate and lovely friend of mine, Sarah, and I saw this last year in Austin! It was a very spur of the moment decision…we decided the night of that we wanted to go and thankfully there were tickets left! What a spectacular musical…the props, the animals, the music, and the costumes. It was SPECTACULAR.


I think I’ll try deffffffying gravity. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Wow. Where have you been? Go check out one of the most inspiring and incredible songs here. I’ve been to London twice and on  first time there during junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to go see Wicked! It was an amazing experience. Basically, every time I go to London I want to see a musical. I’d like to make that a thing. And while I’ve already seen this musical in London, it’s coming to Austin in February and I’ll definitely want to see it again! I’m thinking I’lll make it a rommie date… 🙂

La la la, love me some musicals. Xx.


Rain, Rain, Never Go Away

“OMG look! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow…you know what that means?! I get to wear my rain boots tomorrow!” **squeals of joy ensue**

This is the cry of hundreds of girls around University of Texas because today, ladies and gentleman, it rained. It rained. I repeat, it rained today and it rained hard. It never ever rains in Austin so when it does, hallelujah praise the Lord. Break out those monogrammed, Patagonia or NorthFace rain jackets, and of course, the rain boots.

I’m not exactly sure when Hunter rain boots became such a “thing” but I am completely okay with the idea. I mean, hello, it’s an excuse to get a new pair of shoes. What girl is not okay with that?

And come one, what’s not to love about rain boots? You can prance around campus keeping your feet completely dry and warm and look stylish while doing it? Win-win in my book.

The hardest decision for you is determining whether you want glossy or no gloss; patterned or solid color; monogrammed or plain. Oh the decisions.

But let’s not be discriminatory, people. While Hunter might be the king of the rain boots, there are plenty of other rain boots out there that are worth mentioning. But Hunter, you keep doing what you’re doing because we love you for it.

Hunter BlackOriginal Tall Black in Gloss. Drooling. These are my fav. One day, I will own you. Until then, I will continue to wear my roommate pair. Shhh, don’t tell her. 🙂 (Hehe just kidding she told me I could!)

Hunter ColorsComing in a million and one colors, Hunter Rain Boots are classic and fun. And who doesn’t want a reason to wear bright pink shoes? Or the burnt orange? Hook ’em!

Joules Wellies with BowI feel across these Joule’s Wellies on Pinterest. After researching the brand, they originated in the UK as a clothing store but they are best known for their wellies, as those in the UK call them. I mean, who wouldn’t love those? Red with a hug red bow. Love.

Burberry Rain Now these little things. The Burberry Rain Boot. You’ve all seen them You’ve all wanted them but then you think, well I live in Texas and it basically never rain…do I want to spend $225 on some rain boots? Well in my mind, the answer is always yes. When it comes to swiping my credit card, no…that could be a new pair of riding boots that I wear practically all fall and winter. But I still love them. So classy and so burberry.

Rain boots are so a “thing” and according to the weather report this week, the rain is continuing…rain boots, unite! Xx.

Weather-fashion woman, over and out [for now].


Cooler Season


It’s always a good day to be a longhorn. Particularly yesterday.

October 12, 2013. Our UT Longhorns beat the OU Sooners in the Red River Rivalry 36-20!

For those of you who don’t know, this game is not just “another” game in the longhorn’s football season…it is THE ultimate rivalry game of the season.

Played in Dallas, Texas at the Cotton Bowl right in the middle of the Texas  state fair, thousands of students, fans, and families travel to Dallas to cheer on the horns and eat Fletcher’s corny dogs and tons of other fried foods.

Now there are certain details that accompany this weekend affair other than just attending the game…and that certain detail: coolers. The infamous fraternity cooler.

Fraternity coolers go something like this: frat member asks sorority girl to the TX-OU game. Girl gets super giddy and excited and now has the task of painting a cooler inspired by the guys fraternity and his favorite things. At the end of the week, the boy has a personalized cooled for all his drinks.

I couldn’t go to TX-OU this weekend because we had a soccer game (beat Baylor on Friday 2-1 in our breast cancer awareness pink out game…yay!) so I decided to take the task of painting some of my friends’ coolers for them. After three weeks of painting, painting, and more painting, I finally finished them all on Thursday night. Perfect timing considering all the guys and gals load up on greyhound buses and make the traffic-filled drive up to Dallas. I painted 5 coolers and here are the finished products…enjoy!












Oh cooler season…that’s all I can say. Until next year… Xx.

Hook ’em horns, people. Hook them freaking horns. So proud of our football team.


Happy National Handbag Day, fashionistas [one day late]

You might be thinking….is that even a thing? Why yes. Yes it is.

The fashion gods decided that October 10, 2013 would be the first annual National Handbag Day. What a better way to celebrate it then looking through Net-A-Porter at all the amazing bags out there?

My latest obsession…

This little bag of amazingness by 3.1 Phillip Lim


One of my good friends, Emilie, has this bag and ever since seeing it, I’ve been obsessed. So chic and unique, it’s perfect.

Y’all might recognize Phillip Lim as a designer who collaborated with Target to create a low cost 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. The Pashli Mini Shark-Effect Leather Trapeze Bag shown above is $650 while everything at Target is around $50 to a $100 for some more upscale dresses and such. The stuff at Target is cute but nothing compares to the real deal 3.1 Phillip Lim Collection (sold at Neimans, Nordstroms, Net-A-Porter, and stores of the like).

The next bag we’re going to celebrate is Kate Spade’s Beau Bag.


Kate Spade, as you all know, is absolutely one of my favorite designers and these beau bags in all the different colors and are so big and can carry everything and anything you’ll ever need in your purse. I love these. I think my favorite one is the black, leopard, and macchiato colored one because I’m a sucker for cheetah print. But then gain, the red and pink one is too cute….ahh, the possibilities.

Whatever bag you carried on National Handbag Day, I hope you strutted your stuff and wore it with some sass. Xx.



Missing my sweet brother today. He’s just in Dallas just being the little (I shouldn’t say little considering he’s about to be taller than me!) stud that he is. Charming all the ladies and being the oh-so-typical teenage boy with his guy friends, Davis is funny, athletic, and kind. He’s a freshman in high school this year…sometimes I refuse to believe that he’s growing up so fast! I miss ya, bud! Love you!


IMG_3550 IMG_3551 IMG_3552

I couldn’t  pick just one picture of him to post…LOVE YOU, D-MAN!

Xx, Brinkley

So Many Shows, So Little TIme.

Another reason why fall is the absolute best time of the year is because all of my favorite TV shows premiere again.

Is it sad that my study and social schedules are planned around my TV show during the week? Nope, not at all. Because half of you reading this are probably thinking the same thing. And when you get a group of friends together to watch the shows and laugh and cry together about all the crazy characters and feel as though you’re one with the show, what’s better?

Monday Night: CASTLE on ABC at 9 o’clock

ImageThe only crime drama that I’ll watch because it’s not too scary but still very suspenseful. It’s quite funny and witty, and by gosh, Castle finally proposed to Kate and she said yes!

Thursday Night: GREY’S ANATOMY and SCANDAL on ABC at 8 and 9 o’clock, respectively

Two shows. One night, oh my my.

ImageAfter watching all nine seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, finally Season 10 has arrived and last weekend’s 2 hours season premiere was dramatic and emotional to say the least. My mom texted me in the middle of it saying she was crying because of all that was going on. Well mommy, you and me both. Chief Weber almost dying, Callie sleeping at Grey’s because she’s pissed beyond belief at Arizona, Owen and Christina split, Derek Shepard just being, well, Derek Shepard. So much drama, I love it.


Right after Grey’s ends comes Scandal. The season premiere was last night and if your eyes weren’t glued to the TV, you need to go to Netflix right now and catch up on the seasons and then prance right on over to abc.com and watch last nights season premiere. This is one of my momma’s favorite shows and she got me hooked. Just as the name says, this show is scandalous. An American political drama with Olivia Pope and her unique team solving all different types of crisis’s, not to mention her affair with the President of the United States that just got leaked to the public….I need if to be Thursday night. They rock.

Sunday Night: REVENGE on ABC at 8 o’clock



And what’s even better, is they’re dating in real life…

Almost my entire team watches this show and we’re all obsessed. Literally obsessed. I first got into this when my best friend, Emily, told me about it and we would get together in our dorm rooms and watch it. So, thanks Emily for starting the obsession…ha! I might be a little too invested in this shows relationships but the again, Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne make the perfect couple. Emily might be a little twisted but her calm, cool, and collected nature, not to mention her amazing fashion sense, make me look forward to Sunday nights! Everything about this show is amazing and it has got to be my absolute favorite.

What are you favorite shows? I’m always open to new ones! Xx.


P.S. I think Sweet Brown put’s it best…

shows sweet brown