Gap Kids x Kate Spade

Oh, how I wish the Gap Kids x Kate Spade collaboration were around when I was little. My 10-year old self is jealous. The fact that everything is tiny and cute makes it that much better. I wish some of the pieces came in adult sizes…these limited edition Kate Spade pieces are fabulous.

Kate Spade Gap Kids 1

Thinking back on my elementary school years, my mom made sure I was a stylish fashionista. Every night before I went to bed, we’d pick out my outfit for the next morning. I always went to school dressed to the nines. The rest of my friends were in shorts and tshirts…the same thing seems to happen today. (Don’t get me wrong though, it’s my go to look on a lazy day!)

Kate Spade 2

Throughout school, I was always super competitive with the boys. It all started in school when my parents signed me up for every single sport and my athletic tomboy side came out. This is also when my inner diva came out, as well. At recess, the boys (and some sporty girls) would always play soccer and get super rough and dirty. Even though I knew I could’ve of schooled the boys and scored tons of goals, my 6th grade self would stay on the sideline and be the head cheerleader for the cute boys. Why? If my Gap blue jean skirt and new shirt were to get grass stains on them because of some crazy times at recess, I would not be a happy camper. Oh well! I learned to take care of my precious wardrobe at a young age… #shakemyhead


This or That: October

French Toast Sticks

1. Things you need to tell you best friends right now

2. Next time I’m in London, this is where I want to get afternoon tea.

3. I’ll take every dress please. The delicately places bows and ruffles are to die for, Ted Baker.

4. This pineapple costume for Halloween is so perfect and funny and I think I now want to be a pineapple. 

5. Craving brunch from Perla’s. This is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants in Austin, if you’re in town, go check it out! Order the french toast, you won’t regret it.

6. The new arrivals for Kate Spade this october are so fun…lots of chic navy, sassy cheetah and flirty little devils.

7. The Kardashian’s are crazy, we all know that. But they are hilarious and Khloe makes me literally LOL.

8. This whole ensemble, I need it. 

9. These little pumpkin pretzel treats are perfect for fall!

10. Reasons to love fall in love with Autumn even more.

Warby Parker: Corner Collection

You should all know by now that I am obsessed with sunglasses of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s no secret. Most of the time you’ll find me wearing a pair (they really make an outfit, darlings) or at least having a couple tucked away in my backpack when walking around campus. How am I supposed to walk from class to class and silently look at people’s shoes, purses, and outfits without seeming as though I’m completely checking our their ensembles? I don’t want to be that obvious. The answer:  shades people, shades. And they must be stylish and of good quality.

I’ve found that Warby Parker does just that: stylish, good quality, and…wait for it…reasonably priced! What? Yes. I know, it’s crazy. (And don’t you worry, they have eyeglasses as well but y’all, I got that 20-20 vision going on so I’ll just stick to the sunglasses!)

Sunglasses can be very expensive (trust me, my bank account feels the pain) but Warby Parker combats that. By designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, they’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the price. What a concept, I know. Two claps for Warby Parker, everyone. #clapclap

I could easily buy half of the sunglasses they have. I really have to restrain myself. I mean, most of their non-prescription sunglasses are only $95! That’s nine-five y’all. Less than $100? I mean, I technically could buy three pairs of Warby Parker sunglasses for the price of one designer pair…things to think about. #hmmmm

I’m utterly obsessed with Warby’s new Corner Collection. A little more edgy than my typical preppy disposition but that doesn’t even matter. Particularly the Teddy frames…I’d like one in every color please. No seriously. Just look at them:



I can just see these glasses being terrific for cozy times and leaf-crunching rambles alike. And even when the temps rise again, they’re still good to go. Warby Parker Corner Collection for the win.