Spring Break 2014: California, Part 2

Hey everybody! Happy hump daaaaayyyyy (gets me every time). Halfway through the week, we can do it.

Well, I promised to tell you about the second part of my trip to California, so here it is!

On Tuesday afternoon, we flew from LA to San Francisco (can I get a praise the Lord for frequent flyer miles…otherwise is would have been 7 hours in a car from LA to San Fran, no thank you).

The next morning, we hopped on one of the big double decker tour busses and toured all around the city, getting off at the stops we wanted too and just admiring the beautiful city along the way. But lemme tell ya, The Big Bus was such a blessing. The concierge at our hotel recommended it and now I’m telling all of y’all…saves you time and money (and you can’t get lost because you’re not the one driving #holla).

We went EVERYWHERE! San Francisco is breathtaking, all the hills and bridges and bays. San Fran has got a really chill vibe and the people are nice. Win win in my book.

ImageFirst stop: Union Square. Second Stop: Union Square Nike Store. Davis is obsessed with going to all the different Nike Stores in the cities we visit…I’ve been to more Nike Stores around the United States and Europe than I can count. Although the San Fran Nike Store might actually be one of my favs. This display of green, yellow, and red balls was hanging on the second floor (the whole store is six floors) and it was just quite cool to look at from all angles.

ImageNext stop: The Painted Ladies Houses!


ImageThen we finally made it to the Golden Gate Bridge! We walked across the whole thing and it was so so windy. But it was so worth it! Fun fact: the Golden Gate is painted in a color called “International Orange.” If it were up to me, that sucker would’ve been painted gold (hello, it’s in the name). But sadly, they didn’t ask me for my opinion.

ImageImageDid I mention is was my mom’s birthday the day we toured all of San Fran? Well it was and I was so happy to celebrate it with her! Love you, Mommy!

ImageNext up, Chinatown. Not the biggest fan of Chinese food but we had some bomb diggity food at a hole in the wall place down there. And the waitresses were possibly the nicest people ever. Extra points in my book for great service. Davis ate his weight in dumplings, typical.

ImageSome ancient Chinese Warrior I found in a tourist shop.

ImageAfter a long day of sightseeing, we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf for a seafood filled birthday dinner for mama. After that, we went into some shops and got a few knick-knacks here and there. Fun fact #2: Davis’s favorite ice cream flavor is green tea (Chinese little brother at heart, I’m telling ya) and he got two huge scoops of it on the pier. Weirdo. That’s why I love him.

ImageSpeaking of ice cream….

After dinner we walked to Ghirardelli Square where there is the biggest Ghirardelli chocolate factory and store ever. There was literally every time of chocolate imaginable in that place. Everywhere you turned, BAM, more chocolate.

ImageThe next morning, we ventured to Alcatraz…hey Al Capone. It’s a must see when you go to San Fran but ooooh girl was it eerie. And kind of creepy… There’s absolutely no way I would take a tour at night to that place. After an hour, I was ready to jet and do something uplifting and happy. #shopping

ImageImageWe went to Lombard Street (aka America’s Crookedest Street). And yes, we drove down it. It was a like a little roller coaster in the car. Weeeee!

ImageMuir Wood Forest was our next stop. This place is so peaceful (#takemeback). The red wood trees are HUGE. The majority of the trees are taller than a football field. And you’d have to have multiple tree huggers to get all the way around the trunk of the tree. Massive.

ImageGetting a picture with him is the definition of a struggle.

ImageFriday rolled around quite quickly and it was time to say goodbye to good ‘ol San Fran. We had a flight out of San Jose so we took advantage of the small drive and stopped in Palo Alto on our way there. We visited Stanford and WOAH Y’ALL, definitely my favorite school (other than Texas of course, nothing better). I also got to see my friend, Jackie, who runs cross country there so it was fun getting to see her!

California was great. I love it there. The weather is gorgeous and the landscapes are overwhelming beautiful. It was an amazing trip and I’m so glad I got to spend it with my family! And now I’m back at school on the daily grind… #realitycheck Hope all you lovely people had a wonderful spring break as well!




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