Lake Life

Every summer since I was born, I’ve gone to Virginia for a week or so to visit my grandparents with my family. While in Virginia, we spend most of the time at their lake house on Smith Mountain Lake just lounging and swimming and all that jazz. Well, I just got back from good ‘ol VA this morning and realize that growing up on the lake has definitely made me more of a lake person than a beach person (hello pale skin…no tanning for me) and as such, certain things have become more evident to me each and every time I go back:

1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a huge slice of watermelon on the side make for the best ever simple and oh-so satisfying lake lunch.

2. The lake house uniform: swim suits, coverups, and sunglasses. Add a hat if you’re feeling crazy.


3. No makeup is the best kind of makeup when hanging with your friends and family on the dock.

4. Sunscreen is a must. Stop shaking your head, you know it’s true!

5. In order to be super happy all the time, you must play country music loud and proud from your dock. #TrueTexans


6. Tubing and lake surfing are the best forms of exercise. (Look at my brother Davis tearing it up in the picture above!)

7. Swim until you become pruney in the water. And then swim some more.

8. If your boat breaks down in the middle of the lake (…may or may not of had real life experience with this one this past week, just saying…) make enough commotion until someone comes and tows you back to your dock.

These things I’ve found truer and truer each time I go to the lake every summer. It’s so fun spending time with my family having nothing to do and nowhere to be. You know you’ve got a tough day on your hands when the hardest decision is to go tubing in the morning or in the afternoon…or both! Cheers to life on the lake!


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