Oregon, Oh Oregon














On this long Labor Day weekend, all of Texas Soccer geared up for a trip to Oregon for games against Oregon State and Oregon.

On Thursday, we woke up at the crack of dawn and boarded a plane to Portland. Once there, we had the privilege of training at the Nike International Headquarters. After training, we were given a tour of the grounds and buildings. The Nike Campus was stunning. And talk about cool…I mean, everything you could ever want to know about Nike all under one roof, cool bro.

And the weather was perfection…70 degrees and sunny. A little different than the 100 degree heat that we left in Austin!! Everyone Oregon person is walking around in shorts and t-shirts, and all of us Austinites are over here saying “It’s chilly out here! Give me a jacket!” Ha!

Yesterday afternoon, we traveled to Eugene in preparation for our game against Oregon on Sunday afternoon. Once again, the views didn’t disappoint. We’re staying in a hotel near a river that flows majestically through the city. This afternoon, some of my teammates and I took a walk to enjoy the weather and nature. All of us just wanted to jump in the water and float the river. Too bad the water was freezing….trust me, we checked.

We could get pretty used to this weather! It’ll be tough returning to Austin on Monday! But I truly to miss Texas, everyone is walking around in there Oregon gear and I’m just over here like “I bleed burnt orange, get over it. Hook ’em!” These ducks up here just don’t understand the prowess of the longhorn. Well, maybe they’ll learn someday. But until then…

Hook ’em horns all the way from Oregon! Xx.



Stories from the Field

Blog Pic Stories from the Field

Hook ’em Horns from Texas Soccer.

For the 2013 soccer season, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to blog about my Texas Soccer team and all that goes on behind the scenes for texassports.com. My blog, named “Stories from the Field” is a weekly blog, that normally comes out on Thursday, that discusses everything and anything having to do with Texas Soccer!

Oh, and on a side note, my last name is “Field” and it’s “Stories from the Field”…pretty clever huh? Okay okay, so now you understand. Funny funny LOL. Ha.

I’ve had three entries so far. Last week I blogged about our first game and our trip to TopGolf, feel free to go check it out here! Xx.

Hook ’em!


Welcome to 410

Sometimes I get so excited about one particular thing that I forgot to portray the whole picture…like my apartment, as a matter of fact. I blogged about the awesome dinner my friends and I cooked but didn’t even mention my fabulous apartment.

I love my apartment. I think it’s darling and so cozy. I love returning to it after a long day and relaxing and cooking dinner on my own sweet time; a luxury I didn’t have in the dorms.

But hello apartment and hello kitchen and hello to our own washer and dryer situated nicely in the laundry nook. I’ve been living here for two weeks now and it’s 10x better than the dorms. So to all the little freshman out there, good things lie ahead in the house world once this year is over.

My apartment is 2 bedroom/2 bath and I share it with two other girls. I share a room with my friend Sarah and Kendall has the other room to herself. We shopped all summer for furniture and accessories and everything turned out lovely. But enough talk, you should see for yourself. Here are some pics…enjoy!


This is my side of the room!


Our Room!


Sarah’s Side


This table used to be black with ugly cushions. My mom and I painted it white and got new fabric and now it looks great!


Kendall’s parents collect really cool, old movie posters and they hung some fun ones in our living room and entry way!



Kitchen and Laundry Room Area

While these pictures from my iPhone don’t fully do my apartment justice, I hope you think it’s cute! It’s home sweet home! Xx.


Café 410

On Sunday night, a momentous occasion occurred. My friends and I cooked our first full out dinner in our new apartment (room 410…now you understand why it’s Café 410 huh?). I’m talking a five star cuisine, though. Yummy times five.Image

We prepared sautéed salmon marinated in soy sauce and red pepper flakes, roasted broccoli with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and multigrain quinoa and lentils. It was delicious! Absolutely delicious.

And it was so much fun considering I got to cook it with my awesome friends, Emily and Kendall. I also prepared some chocolate chip cookies for dessert and there ya go, we had a wonderful Sunday dinner that satisfied us immensely. I love to cook and seeing as though I now live in an apartment versus the dorms like I had to last year, the possibilities are endless! What to cook next? Hmmmm. Xx.


Texas Soccer takes on TopGolf


My Awesome Teammates…



ImageTexas Volleyball

ImageOur Yummy Dinner

Tonight, instead of practice, our coaches took us to TopGolf! For those of you who don’t know, TopGolf is a premier golf entertainment complex where you and all your friends can hit golfballs on the range, eat good food, and hang out and relax with all your friends. It’s both competitive and fun and it sure was a nice break from practice (as you can tell by all the smiles of my teammates). The Texas Volleyball Team was there are well so it was a fun little Texas Women’s athlete shindig. Hook ’em Horns! Xx.


P.S. Let’s just say that all parties involved should probably stick to their original sport (be it, volleyball or soccer) because being professional golfers isn’t looking good for our future professions 🙂 We’ll stick to our day jobs. Thank goodness for soccer, I know I’m good at that. Ha!

Last Man Standing

Franklin BBQ located right in the middle of Austin, Texas serves up some of the best BBQ in the state. Do you question me? Just look at the line that forms an hour before the place even opens…


My dad and I went to Franklin’s on Tuesday around 1 o’clock and the line was wrapped around the exterior restaurant like we expected, but…we were 6 people behind the “Last Man Standing”.

No what the heck is that? Well, it is the last person as designated by Franklins that is guaranteed food. Everyone behind that person (…me and my dad) must wait at his or her own risk. And it’s not just a 15-minute wait; it’s more like an hour to two-hour wait. But it is completely 100% worth it if you get food. Franklin BBQ only smokes so much meat per day. And when it’s all gone, they close for the day.

ImageInitiate Drooling…Now.

 Well, my daddy being the BBQ extraordinaire that he is told me that he’d been behind the Last Man Standing Before and waited in line and sure enough, there was food when he finally got to the counter.  So, we both decided to wait (for an hour and half) and I sure am thankful we did. Just like my dad said, there was still plenty of food for us to get a sandwich for both of us.

ImageBBQ Extraordinaire, AKA, My Awesome Daddy

While the wait might’ve seemed like forever, it was fun. We met an amusing family visiting from out-of-town and ended up eating with them when we all got our food. They had never had any BBQ as good as Franklin’s so it sure was fun to be there to experience it with them.

ImageNew Friends and Good Food

And the food: OMG. So delicious, melt in your mouth good amazing. Your belly will be thanking you after you put some pulled pork in your mouth. Now I was simple and just got a sliced beef sandwich and doused it in BBQ sauce but my dad got the “Tipsy Texan”.

ImageMy Little Sandwich and The Tipsy Texan

The Tipsy Texan tastes like everything that is good in this world. Here it is: a huge hunk of glorious smoked brisket is chopped into chunks then slid onto a large white bun. Next, the brisket is topped with some purple coleslaw and some thinly sliced pickles. But that’s not all. Slices of sausage get laid on top all of that mouthwatering goodness. Slid onto a tray covered in butcher paper, you’ve got yourself a sandwich worthy of a king.


Franklin BBQ is every bit worth the wait. Get up early and make a day out of it with your friends and family because when you finally get to the counter where the meat it waiting for you, you’ll be thanking me that you did.


from trash to treasure

So I have this brown wooden desk…and while it’s not bad looking, it’s not necessarily the best looking thing either. So, my mom and I decided to give it a little makeover.

We went out to our local craft store and bought some paint. But not just any paint…Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Having gotten rave reviews for it from lots of our friends, this paint lives up to its name. This chalk paint is known for sticking to anything and everything and only needing one coat to provide full coverage without a primer. I chose the color “Louis Blue“. Then, for the wax, I chose the clear soft wax which makes for a clear finish. In addition to the paint and wax, I needed a couple of paint brushes, a sanding pad, and a wax buffing pad.


So, here’s a picture of the desk in it’s original state…brown, wooden, and sad-looking.



I got to painting and here’s it is after one coat of paint…it’s starting to look a little better but I have a couple more tricks up my sleeve.


Well, I decided that I wanted to give my little desk an “antique” look so I took my sanding pad and went to it. I waxed away some of the paint to expose the original wood to make it look aged. My mom and I also went to Anthropologie and picked up two quirky drawer knobs that you can see here. They’re orange with a hint of blue are go perfectly with the desk.

Here’s the finished project!

ImageI love it! I think it turned out great! It sure went from drab to fab!! I want to go paint something else! Xx.


Slutty Brownies


ImageI’ve really been on my baking game lately. Knowing that I’ll be off to school very soon and I’ll be super busy, I won’t have time to bake as much as I’d like so I’m fitting a semesters worth of baking into one week. My family, friends, and parents’ coworkers are getting very lucky this week. They are my taste-testers.

But onto this slutty concoction: Cookie Dough + Oreo Cookies + Brownie Layer = Slutty Brownies. I’ve seen this recipe on Pinterest over and over again. And yesterday, I decided to try it out. I call it a success.

Three layers of ooey gooey deliciousness, these brownies are as my brother puts it, “super fly”. And when my brother approves of my baking, I know I have done something right. Teenage boys and all their friends are the toughest critics, I might add.

These brownies are so simple to make because they combine two batters that I have made a thousand times into one big delicious mess.

The chocolate chip cookie dough recipe is one that I explained how to make in an earlier post. You can check the recipe out here: Chocolate Chip Cookies. For the brownies, I was in a rush and used the Pillsbury’s Classic Fudge Brownie Mix.

The assembly is easy. Prepare both the chocolate chip and brownie batters like normal. Spray your baking dish with nonstick cooking spray and preheat the oven at 375 degrees.

ImageWhen the chocolate chip cookie dough is made, press it on the bottom of the dish to completely cover the bottom. It is easiest if you use your fingers to help with this process.

ImageNext, the oreos. I used two and a half sleeves for this recipe. Press the oreo cookie a little but into the dough when lining the top and arrange in a nice and neat pattern in a single layer.

ImageFinally, the brownie batter. Pour the batter all over the oreos and allow it to settle in between the cracks and smooth itself over. Top the brownie batter with a couple handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips and voila! You’ve got yourself a heavy baking dish of so much yummy goodness.

ImageWith your oven already preheated to 375 degrees, allow the slutty brownies to cook for 40-45 minutes. Using a fork or screwer to poke the middle of the brownie to see if it comes out clean.

Once fully cooked, allow the brownies to cool for a bit or else everything will be an absolute mess when trying to take them out. But I totally understand that if you can’t wait, dive in with a fork straight into the pan and don’t look back. I suggest eating these yummies with some Blue Bell vanilla bean ice cream, but hey…what do I know?

These brownies are sinfully good and oh so slutty because of all the yummy flavors going on. It’s all the classic desserts combined into one big dessert. NOM.

ImageImageBrownie lovers, unite. Go forth and conquer. Xx.

What to bake next…..

Brinkles Sprinkles