Best Dressed: Thanksgiving

Outfit #1Thanksgiving Day Outift 1
Thanksgiving is right around the corner! These are two outfits boards I created to inspire the preps and the “rocker” prepsters of the world for whatever type of Thanksgiving you may attend. I could strut my stuff in both, easily.
Advice for the day: Always make sure you’re the best dressed at a party/holiday gathering. Overdressed is always better than underdressed, my darlings. Xx.

monograms & glitter

Last weekend, my friend, Tate, and I had a little crafting day.

We decided to Mod Podge and create some collages with some fashion and gossip magazines that had been sitting on our apartment’s coffee table for ages after being read.

I love crafting and I love the way my canvas turned out…but my absolute favorite part has got to be my glitter initials. It makes it pop!

Here’s are some progressive pics that ultimately end with the finished product!


It all started with gold paint pen. But let’s be honest, the looks horrible. It needed something more.

***Cue my thoughts of gold glitter***

IMG_7771 IMG_7772

So I covered the letters in glue and went to town with glitter. Had to make sure every nook and cranny was covered. And yes Mom, I did it all on my balcony so it wouldn’t get all over my apartment and make such a complete mess…because our balcony will now be forever covered in gold glitter 🙂


After painfully waiting 24 hours to make sure the glue had completely dried, I scraped off all the excess glitter and ta-da!

I love it! I think it turned out wonderfully! xx.

Texas Soccer 2013

Now that soccer season is officially over, I find myself trying to fill my free time with anything and everything. I can only exercise, bake, and watch Netflix for so long. So, looking back on our season, one of my teammates lucked upon this video that encompasses perfectly such a fun season with my teammates family. I thought it’d be fun to share a little gallery of pics because (1) I want to reminisce on season for a bit and (2) some are quite funny and laughing is always nice.

IMG_6389It all started at the beginning of August when we reported for preseason. We have dinner as a team and prepare for an early morning because practices, fitness tests, and team functions were right around the corner for all of us. 5:45 a.m. alarms come quicker than you think, might I add.


We call these our yellow highlighter/tennis ball practice uniforms because goodness gracious are they bright.



Picture day for the Horns! Say hello to the Sexy (and buff and intimidating?) Sophomores.


During preseason we got to go some fun places…Colorado, for example.


And Oregon! We got to visit the Nike International Headquarters. Pretty cool considering half of our wardrobe is Nike gear.


And then finally it was our season opener at UT versus Georgia!



Then our pink out game came around–Horns for Hope!



And then we has Senior Day at our last home game of the season! It was so much fun celebrating our two wonderful and loving seniors, Gabby and Brenda. We miss them already!


Here are the goody baskets we all put together for Gabs and B-Sauce.


Mommy made the trip down to ATX for the game!


Amongst the craziness of soccer season, you can’t forget about studying! I was the baking fairy and brought freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookies to all my teammates studying at the PCL all night long.


Around Halloween, Texas Soccer always volunteers at Longhorn Halloween to provide kids in the community a fun Halloween on a Sunday afternoon!


On the 31st of October, we were in Lubbock for a game against Tech the next day. We decided to have an impromptu Halloween party with costumes and all. Thinking quickly on the spot, I decided to be Jesus using the hotel’s white sheets and my Bible. Ha! It worked out well!


As the sun sets for this season (haha, get it…with the picture..), it was incredible and I can’t believe next year I’ll be a junior on the team. It feels like freshman year was yesterday.

Where does the time go? Xx.

Movie Night

Since RedBox’s have popped up everywhere, I find myself steering away from movies and their overpriced tickets and instead having movie nights at my apartment where my friends and I just cozy up on the couch and eat way too much popcorn.

When I think about movies, three movies come to my mind as my favorites. I mean, it would be way too hard to pick just one.

1. The Devil Wears Prada


This movie is the best. I practically have every line memorized and the fashion makes me drool of jealousy. It makes me want to move to New York and travel to Paris for Fashion Week right now.

2. Pride and Prejudice


Okay, so exactly where do I sign up to find myself a Mr. Darcy?

3.  The Great Gatsby


Ever since I first read The Great Gatsby in 7th grade for a school project, it has forever since been one of my favorites. You must read the book though, to understand all the subtle nuances and details. And I’ve got to mention it…I could live in the 1920’s purely because of their style. Hello flapper dresses.

Movies are just wonderful. But for now, as Miranda Priestly would say, “That’s all.” Xx.


Fun, Formally

This weekend I had not one, but two formals.

Well, technically one semi formal and one black and white ball if we’re getting technical.

On Saturday night, we had a Pi Phi Theta semiformal at Speakeasy in downtown Austin. Sunday night called for a YoungLife Black and White Ball somewhere in Dripping Springs.

Both were oh so much fun!

Here are some pics. Enjoy!

Pi Phi Theta Semiformal 


My dear Norwegian Theta friend, Emilie. Check out her fashion blog, Fashion Conspiracy.

She is by far one of the most fashionable friends.


Say hello to my sweet Pi Phi sista, Annie!


My date for the night, Lee!


Keagan–future roomie, teammate, and Pi Phi sista

Outfit of the Night Details: Dress: Madewell/Earrings: Kendra Scott

YoungLife Black and White Ball



The YoungLife formal was one big dance party. And…there was a photo booth…need I say more?

IMG_7714IMG_7716     IMG_7723     IMG_7718 IMG_7719

Outfit Details: Dress: Kate Spade, old

Hope you got a little laugh out of our photos. Props and good friends are wonderful, if you couldn’t tell. Xx.

Texas Saturday’s

Put up those horns, ladies and gentlemen. The horns defeated Kansas 35-13 yesterday afternoon and are undefeated in Big 12 to date!

Because the soccer and football seasons are both Fall sports, it’s a rare and special occasion when we are in town to go to a game.

But alas, Texas Soccer was in Lubbock on Friday night for a game against Tech but flew back to Austin on Saturday morning just in time for some tailgating and the afternoon game at 2:30. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining. Like Goldie Locks would say, it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold, it was just right!

After the game, my sweet neighbors (more like, family) took me out to dinner and we filled our bellies with some delicious Tex-Mex at Chuys. It was so fun seeing and catching up with them. Brian, Kellie, Sarah, Zachary, and Hannah Grace (and Maddie!)…thanks for everything! Love y’all!

So break out all of your burnt orange, white, and cream clothing items (don’t forget about your Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings! And your RayBans!) and enjoy the beautiful day full of college football. Here are some pics for y’all to enjoy:

ImageGotta love some Texas Football!

ImageTwo of my teammates and my favorite Kappas, Julie and Izzy


…Brooke, another teammate and wonderful friend, joined the picture this time!


Sarah, my roommate!


 Basically my little sister, Hannah Grace. So glad I got to spend the day with you!


Hannah Grace, Sarah, Maddie, and Zachary…thanks for coming to Austin! SO glad I got to see y’all!

Overall, this weekend proved a wonderful and fun one. The weather, the football, and the friends. What more could I ask for?

Hook ’em horns!


Well hello there, November.

What’s my favorite thing about the beginning of the month? The beginning of all months, for that matter…

The emails. The emails I get in my inbox from all my favorite designers about their new arrivals for the month! Particularly Kate Spade and Tory Burch. They are two of my favorites, among others.

November is a wonderful month to look forward to because holiday season is right around the corner! And this months main feature: bejeweled, bedazzled, glittery and sparkly. A girlie-girl’s (aka…me) dream.

So you don’t have to ask me twice to look at all the new goodies! As soon as I see those wonderful “new arrival” emails in my inbox, I stop all that I’m doing and go shopping. It’s what must be done.

Here are some of my favorite things I hope to have in my closet:

First off, I’ll admit…I have a problem of wanting the same exact shoe but in different colors. Tory Burch came out with these Azalea Flats that are perfect in every way. Not only do they come in so many colors and materials, by gosh, they’re just cute and fun.


Gold Metallic Azalea Ballet Flat


Silver Metallic Azalea Ballet Flat

These flats come in blue and purple metallic as well!

And they come in velvet (blue and maroon):

ImageNext up, my girl Kate Spade.


 Emma Dress

The shape, the color, the simplicity. This dress is amazing. Add some sassy shoes and jewelry, and you’re good as gold.


 Yet another Emma Dress.

 I’ll take everything. The shoes and all. Silver sequins oh my my. Does this scream holiday parties or does it scream holiday parties?

More glitter!


 Krysta Heels

I need options to wear with the silver sequined dress, don’t ya know…

And when my feet get tired of being in heels, the party doesn’t stop because I can change into my gold sequined Kate Spade Keds.


 I’ve got the dress and shoes. Now for the accessories…

You all know I’m a sucker for sunnies. And these tortoise shell Arianna sunglasses are a little bit sweet and a little bit sassy.


And finally, the statement necklace. This showstopper has pearls and diamonds. What more could a girl ask for? And the name of this necklace has a precious name as well:

Shaken and Stirred Triple Strand Necklace


Well, that’s it for me. I’ve drooled enough over all the fun new things Kate Spade and Tory Burch have in store for us. Happy November! Xx.