Two Quick Things: Frenchie Edition

Hello everyone! Happy Saturday. Two quick things I wanted to share with you all that I came upon while surfing the web this afternoon.

1.This video on French vs. American Girl Style. Having gone to France many times, this is SPOT ON. It’s hilarious.

2. This article. All about a fav place of mine. Meet the Chic French Visionary Behind Ladurée


October Update

Life is so busy, y’all. It’s all about the rise and grind these days. I love it.

A little update: stressed is desserts spelled backwards so of course amongst the craziness of tests and soccer, I made time to bake some peanut butter kisses (see the recipe here)! Next up, my best friend, Keagan, came and visited Austin during her Fall Break! It was SO FUN having her in town. Emily, Keagan, and I went to Easy Tiger for an afternoon of hanging outside on their outdoor patio eating incredible German snacks and beers. It was so fun! And Easy Tiger has a couple ping pong tables so you best believe Keags and I got competitive at the ping of pong. On Sunday afternoon, Keagan, Sarah, and I decided to go to a pumpkin patch! I mean, how #cute and #fun are we? Ha. Keagan sadly had to go back to Tennessee the next morning but for the short time she was in town, it was so much lovely!

This past weekend was great! It was raining alllllll weekend but we made the most of it. Thursday evening I got dolled up in heels and a fancy dress for our Pi Phi/Theta semiformal. While I only went to the dinner (I had a test and game the next day), it was so fun seeing all my favorite sistas! On Friday night, Paige and I went to Sandy’s for a giant ice cream cone that was oh-so-delicious. If you’re in Austin, go to Sandys. You won’t regret it. Julia, Lindsey, Paige and I went to the football game on Saturday afternoon in the rain and while we only stayed for a little more than a quarter, it was filled with lots of laughs. No “fair-weather” fans here! That evening my mom came down to visit and come to my soccer games! On Saturday night my friends, my mama and I went to Hyde Park Grill for dinner! I couldn’t help but share this funny snapchat my friend Paige candidly took of us–“Divas United”….so that’s where my diva side comes from!! 🙂

Other than that, I’m staying incredibly busy with soccer–more on that later! My birthday is this Thursday (yea 22 what what) and senior night is this Friday!


The Tales of a RedHead

As a true redhead, I will never say "Check out my AWESOME tan." rather, "Oh, look: More freckles!" #ginger:

Life as a ginger can be hard sometimes. No matter how much sunscreen I put on, I always seem to get sunburned. I put it on every morning and understand the importance of protecting my forever pale skin.  But, sunburns tend to follow me around…especially at soccer games. Last weekend in Austin, we went into double overtime in our game on Sunday afternoon against Arkansas Little Rock. We finished the game and I go inside and think, oh my face is just that red because I just played 120 minutes of a soccer game and am still sweating and hot. WRONG. My face was the color of a tomato because I was straight sunburned. Ugh. I even reapplied at halftime the the sun is relentless. Woe is me. My mom, being the fabulous woman she is, bought me all this Aloe Vera to put in my apartment because just knows stuff like this would happen. She. Knows. So, I lathered practically a handful on my face every 30 minutes to relieve the pain and help to avoid peeling. So it’s now Wednesday, my face has only a little red tent to it…I no longer look like I had a facial that went terribly wrong. #Progress So everyone go put on some sunscreen, it’s good for you!


Swoosh Life: Nike Internship


Y’ALL. I HAD THE BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE THIS TIME AROUND. I got to intern for Nike. Yes. It was amazing. Nike has a corporate office in Dallas and I was their Consumer Brand Intern. I got to do so many amazing things, meet incredible people, and travel to really fun places. And my wardrobe definitely improved as well. You’ll see me reppin’ the swoosh all day everyday, but that’s nothing new! Ha. And all my new shoes? #Swaggy. But beyond the clothes, the best part about it all? I can say wholeheartedly, the people. My co-workers in the Dallas territory office are so friendly and open and just down-right awesome. Always willing to teach me new things and answer my questions. They even brought me to Beaverton, Oregon (Nike headquarters) and Chicago, Illinois for meetings…and fun stuff too! After this summer and my wonderful experience, it’s my goal to work for Nike after graduation. There, I said it. Such an amazing company with even cooler people. (Side Note: I’m a senior this year in college. LOL WHAT I FEEL LIKE A FRESHMAN?!!! Kidding, I own this place/queen of the campus. Kidding again. Just thankful to go to such an amazing university! More on that later, friends.)

Europe Summer 2015

Woah. I know, I know…I’ve been MIA. But the good news, I’m here now. I’m writing, loving life, and smiling and laughing A LOT. All good things.

This past May, I went to (1) Barcelona, Spain, (2) Nice, France (and the French Riviera), (3) Amsterdam and (4) London with my friend Glory! It was so much fun. Amsterdam definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite European cities. But my goodness, I just love Europe in general: the food, the people, the food, the atmosphere, the food…all so lovely. But enough words, here’s the good stuff: pics!

Barcelona and Montserrat, Spain

Nice, France and the French Riviera (Cannes, Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Eze)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, England



Customized Coca Cola Can

As you already know, “Brinkley” is quite a unique name. As such, my name isn’t printed on any of the touristy keychains in the airports, it’s not on any coffee mug, and it’s definitely not on one of the customizable Coke Cans….UNTIL NOW. Ha! You’re probably thinking, there’s no way. Well friends, dreams do come true.

Last weekend, a couple friends and I went to a UT Baseball game and at the game there was a Coca Cola food truck! At the food truck, I typed in my name on a little computer screen and 5 seconds later a customized Coca Cola can popped out! My smile has never been bigger. Finally, something with my name on it! SO HAPPY. IMG_9218 IMG_9222