Swoosh Life: Nike Internship


Y’ALL. I HAD THE BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE THIS TIME AROUND. I got to intern for Nike. Yes. It was amazing. Nike has a corporate office in Dallas and I was their Consumer Brand Intern. I got to do so many amazing things, meet incredible people, and travel to really fun places. And my wardrobe definitely improved as well. You’ll see me reppin’ the swoosh all day everyday, but that’s nothing new! Ha. And all my new shoes? #Swaggy. But beyond the clothes, the best part about it all? I can say wholeheartedly, the people. My co-workers in the Dallas territory office are so friendly and open and just down-right awesome. Always willing to teach me new things and answer my questions. They even brought me to Beaverton, Oregon (Nike headquarters) and Chicago, Illinois for meetings…and fun stuff too! After this summer and my wonderful experience, it’s my goal to work for Nike after graduation. There, I said it. Such an amazing company with even cooler people. (Side Note: I’m a senior this year in college. LOL WHAT I FEEL LIKE A FRESHMAN?!!! Kidding, I own this place/queen of the campus. Kidding again. Just thankful to go to such an amazing university! More on that later, friends.)


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