The Tales of a RedHead

As a true redhead, I will never say "Check out my AWESOME tan." rather, "Oh, look: More freckles!" #ginger:

Life as a ginger can be hard sometimes. No matter how much sunscreen I put on, I always seem to get sunburned. I put it on every morning and understand the importance of protecting my forever pale skin.  But, sunburns tend to follow me around…especially at soccer games. Last weekend in Austin, we went into double overtime in our game on Sunday afternoon against Arkansas Little Rock. We finished the game and I go inside and think, oh my face is just that red because I just played 120 minutes of a soccer game and am still sweating and hot. WRONG. My face was the color of a tomato because I was straight sunburned. Ugh. I even reapplied at halftime the the sun is relentless. Woe is me. My mom, being the fabulous woman she is, bought me all this Aloe Vera to put in my apartment because just knows stuff like this would happen. She. Knows. So, I lathered practically a handful on my face every 30 minutes to relieve the pain and help to avoid peeling. So it’s now Wednesday, my face has only a little red tent to it…I no longer look like I had a facial that went terribly wrong. #Progress So everyone go put on some sunscreen, it’s good for you!



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