October Update

Life is so busy, y’all. It’s all about the rise and grind these days. I love it.

A little update: stressed is desserts spelled backwards so of course amongst the craziness of tests and soccer, I made time to bake some peanut butter kisses (see the recipe here)! Next up, my best friend, Keagan, came and visited Austin during her Fall Break! It was SO FUN having her in town. Emily, Keagan, and I went to Easy Tiger for an afternoon of hanging outside on their outdoor patio eating incredible German snacks and beers. It was so fun! And Easy Tiger has a couple ping pong tables so you best believe Keags and I got competitive at the ping of pong. On Sunday afternoon, Keagan, Sarah, and I decided to go to a pumpkin patch! I mean, how #cute and #fun are we? Ha. Keagan sadly had to go back to Tennessee the next morning but for the short time she was in town, it was so much lovely!

This past weekend was great! It was raining alllllll weekend but we made the most of it. Thursday evening I got dolled up in heels and a fancy dress for our Pi Phi/Theta semiformal. While I only went to the dinner (I had a test and game the next day), it was so fun seeing all my favorite sistas! On Friday night, Paige and I went to Sandy’s for a giant ice cream cone that was oh-so-delicious. If you’re in Austin, go to Sandys. You won’t regret it. Julia, Lindsey, Paige and I went to the football game on Saturday afternoon in the rain and while we only stayed for a little more than a quarter, it was filled with lots of laughs. No “fair-weather” fans here! That evening my mom came down to visit and come to my soccer games! On Saturday night my friends, my mama and I went to Hyde Park Grill for dinner! I couldn’t help but share this funny snapchat my friend Paige candidly took of us–“Divas United”….so that’s where my diva side comes from!! 🙂

Other than that, I’m staying incredibly busy with soccer–more on that later! My birthday is this Thursday (yea 22 what what) and senior night is this Friday!