Happy Daddy’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dad’s out there!

To my own Daddy, I love that you love The University of Texas Longhorns just as much as me. I love all of your funny jokes and puns, even when they’re not that funny (ha!). I love your passion for Texas barbecue and your willingness to drive 3 and half hours to Lockhart, Texas so we can enjoy Kreuz Market (side note: some of the best, if not the best, BBQ in Texas…just thinking about it makes my mouth water). I love that you’re always up to go to Jason’s Deli or Campisi’s with me. I love that you’re a little encyclopedia full of random facts and cool information. I’m love that you watch all my trashy reality television shows so we can discuss the insanity and craziness of them all. I love that you always give me the best support and encouragement. But mostly, I love that you love me so much. This day, and every other, is for you Daddy. I love you so so so much!


 Senior Year Homecoming (with UT-themed mum, mind you!)


High School Graduation


Daddy Daughter Dinner Date


 Always supporting my hippie ways (or lack there of…I’m in no way hippie) #KeepAustinWeird


 NOM! This was when we went to Franklin Barbecue, right here in ATX.


Daddy’s buddy, one of our sweet goldens, Big Tex!


Universal Studios


Selfies, can’t get enough of them…


Hair everywhere…don’t even care because (1) I’m with my Dad and (2) that background!


Hook ’em Horns!

Have a crazy, awesome, fun, happy day! Wish I were in Dallas to spend it with you! Sending hugs and kisses from Austin!



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