Mommy, Today is All About YOU

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mommy’s out there! My mom is essentially my twin with blonde hair. We have the same mannerisms and if we answer a phone call, have fun telling who is who…we talk the same as well! Together we’re also professional power shoppers, baking buddies, speed walkers, and we both love a good TV show (Scandal…Olivia Pope groupies…#noshame). You’re my best friend and while it’s cliché, life wouldn’t be as fun, sweet, crazy, or awesome without you! I love you so much, Mom! I hope you feel extra special today!

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageFrom the boys and I to you, we love you so incredibly much!



4 thoughts on “Mommy, Today is All About YOU

  1. Great blog, Brinks! You are a great daughter and incredibly lucky to have such a fabulous mom! Kudos to you sweet girl! Miss ya’ll! tons! ~

  2. Love Love Love this!! Such a wonderful tribute to your adorable Mom!! I know she is very proud of you!!! xoxo

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