Craving: Slutty Brownies, Valentines Edition

Happy Valentine’s all you little love bugs!

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s than with chocolate? Chocolate for breakfast. Chocolate for lunch. Chocolate for Dinner. And finally, chocolate for dessert today!


I posted a recipe to make this “Slutty Brownies” a couple of months ago but today, I updated them a bit. The recipe is exactly the same but this time, I added some colorful candies on the top to add a pop of color!

The story behind me making this monstrous chocolate chip cookie, Oreo, and brownie baking concoction is somewhat a funny story:

One of my sweet soccer teammates wanted to bake these brownies for her boyfriend! Well, let’s just say she isn’t the avid baker, to say the least. That’s where I step in. It started as me offering my baking expertise to her while she baked everything. Then, over the course of the conversation, I thought it better for me to take the position as head chef. End the end, I baked it all this morning (while she was at class) and she’s taking all the credit. But I want her too! I just want to be the mysterious baker behind the scenes. This day isn’t about me and my baking skills, it’s about her impressing her boyfriend and them enjoying the sweet (and very rich) treat! But now I’m thinking I should have made two batches of these brownies because my other teammates are going to be jealous when I deliver them to her at practice…uh oh. Ha!

I think these brownies turned out great! And while they look good, they taste even better!


ImageImage After

ImageImageImageImageImageImageOh brownies, will you be my Valentine?


Brinkles Sprinkles


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