Adore: Mad Hatter

Texas weather has got me thinking about summer (80 degrees and sunny, hello). But when I look at pictures from New York Fashion Week, I find myself wishing for Texas’s “cold” temperatures to come back for a little longer.

One thing is for sure though, whatever weather, you’ll find me obsessing over hats. Wide brimmed, beret, beach, baseball, beanie, floppy, or fedora. I love hats. I love them all. Even while writing this, I’m wearing a Vineyard Vines baseball cap to hide my crazy hair for the day (in my defense, we have soccer practice in the mornings from 9-11 and then I go straight to class for the whole day…no time to shower, sorry to the people around me…).

I find hats beyond chic. I wish they were more of a “thing” in the States. When I go overseas, every other person has one on….but honestly, I make it my “own” thing. Who cares what other people think or do when it comes to fashion. #youdoyou

My mom always adorned me in hats when I was younger but I think my true love affair with hats started when I was given my first beret from my Grandma Bevy my junior year of high school before going to Paris and London over Christmas break. And then soon after, the Royal Wedding just blew my mind with all the wonderful (and not so wonderful **cough Princess Beatrice cough**) hats. Kate Middleton might be the Duchess of Cambridge but she’s without a doubt the Queen of Hats.

From then on, the rest is history…

And sure, hats can be tricky to pull off. But here’s some inspiration for you:

kate middleton red hat

sun hatbeanieberet 1beret 2

Blue Hatcream hatfedoraFluffy Hatnavy hatpuff ball hatPuffy hat

Sun hat with squaresWide Brimmed Hat

From one fellow hat lover to the next, xoxo.


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