Adore: Fashion and Food

First, the fashion part.

I posted this bag as part of my most recent post, This or That, as a link. But I just think this bag deserves a picture. 3.1 Phillip Lim, calf hair, and polka dots. What more could a girl ask for? Someone please give this to me for Valentine’s Day so I know the love is real. Any takers? Anyone, anyone? **silence**cricket noises**more silence**

Image Image

Now on to food. These Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie Bars look out of this world amazing. I need to make these, pronto. NOM. NOM. NOM. I’ll make these little guys (eventually) and let you know how they turn out!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Pie Bars

Finally, fashion and food…my two favorite things in the world. Hehe. My friend, Cristina, tweeted this link and it was too good not to share. Bon Appétit put together a collection of looks from New York Fashion Week and put them side by side the foods they remind them of, it’s too funny. You’ll get a laugh out of it. Ever thought of a huge white mink coat resembling’ll see now. I will never look at some looks the same, oh well.

Speaking of mink…one last thing.

My dad sent me this picture in an email the other day and quite simply put, this hat and scarf, are fabulous. Totally fabi. (that’s my friend’s and I’s chic way of shortening fabulous. We’re making it a “thing”…Just go with it. Embrace it. Love it.)


I feel like this miiiiiight be a little much for me just walking around campus…UT Austin is not ready for this sort of fashion statement. Imagine the looks I would get, L.O.L. Well, I might just have to take a quick trip to Sochi to support Team USA. I mean, come on, does that fur not scream Russia? The answer is yes. Yes it does.  Off to the Olympics, it’s a must in the name of fashion. And America.

But on a more serious note, this look is one of the many stunning looks for Badgley Mischka’s collection from this past week at NY Fashion Week. The collection is stunning and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of these looks on the red carpet in the very near future.

Well this post is somewhat all over the place but ya know, go with the flow.




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