Lucy’s Fried Chicken

If you’re in Austin, go to Lucy’s Fried Chicken. Don’t ask questions, just go. Who can say no to hot and delicious fried chicken? My brother, Daddy, and I went last week for dinner and were so happy with our meals. The atmosphere is fun and the food is good. What more could ya ask for?

For appetizers, we ordered the Texan Wood-Fired Grilled Oysters and the Deep Fried Deviled Eggs. Both dishes were phenomenal.  

For the main meals, Davis out ordered us all. He got the Deep Fried Chicken Spaghetti…! It was, as you can imagine, the best. I had the Burn-It Bowl and my dad ordered a basket of fried chicken with collard greens and mashed potatoes that we all munched on. YUM!

As if we hadn’t eaten enough, we ordered dessert. I’m so glad we did, it was delightful. And let’s be honest. there’s ALWAYS room for dessert……. We had the banana pudding and slices of the sweet tea and s’mores pie.

I rolled away from the restaurant after this meal. So worth the #foodcoma. The best part of the meal, however, was being with my favorite boys…thanks for coming down to ATX, Daddy and Davis! xoxo.


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