February Update

Life has been so great and fun lately! I thought I’d give an update for a little peek into busy life here on campus with school, soccer, and my social life.


My friend Caroline and I went to Ramen Tatsu-Ya for dinner a couple of weeks ago. This ramen is incredible. I slurped up this bowl of goodness so quickly I could’ve ordered another one on the spot. I ordered the #1 Tonkotsu Original with Brussels Sprouts.


Our first weekend back at school, there were tons of “Back to School Raves.” Of course we came decked in our sororities attire to the different frat houses. Remember, one must always #PartywithPiPhi.

On the weekends, the weather has been delightful. I love to wake up on Saturday and run downtown to one of my favorite breakfast places, Blenders and Bowls. It’s about a 2 mile run and then I get my açaí bowl and *walk* back after breakfast past the Capitol. I love the view!


I went to Uchiko for dinner a couple of weekends ago and my oh my, the food is absolutely fantastic. Every dish we tasted was amazing. I might’ve liked the dessert so much that I just had (….was dared) to lick the plate……… 🙂


Some MLS teams came to play at our Texas Soccer stadium last weekend and it was fun to watch with my teammates from the stands. But it was weird being a spectator and not playing on the field. I got to see the view my family sees when they come to watch my games during the fall!


For Valentine’s Day, my friends and I all dressed in black as a funny joke and had a night out on the town! It was so much fun! My best friends made the best Valentine’s!


This is how you use chopsticks, correct???


Fiji had a Studio 54 party this past weekend and the best part was getting to dress up. I seriously want to make go go boots a “thing”again. They’re so much fun!


One last thing, hook ’em always! This is the famous UT Tower that has served as the University’s most distinguishing landmark since 1937! A selfie in front of it is a must, even if I am a little sweaty after a quick workout at the gym!




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