This or That: January

Shoe Party

Shoe Party

1. Sloths and sorority rush. 2 things I wouldn’t put together but my oh my, sorority rush as told by sloths is genius. And very accurate. 

2. I know that basically the whole world has these shoes in a number of colors but I’m still smitten with them. All black attacking is the way to go. 

3. How to chose the right bangs for you. From a person who has had bangs their entire life, I like this a lot. 

4. These are my signature cookies and if you make them, everyone will LOVE them. S’mores cookies, bam.

5. A little kid singing with Bruno Mars. Gets me every time! 

6. Went here for dinner the other day with my friend, Caroline. It’s the absolute best and I want to go back right now. Right. Now. 

7. Rain in the upcoming forecast here in Austin. Good thing I just got these babies (in military red) for Christmas! 

8. My recent go-to lunch spot in Dallas. I’m telling you, it’s delicious…go once and you’ll be hooked! 

9. Ummm, why am I just now finding out you can customize a pair of Ray-Bans? Have to protect my eyeballs…in style. 

10. Vogue’s 73 questions with Victoria Beckham. As if I couldn’t love her even more… 


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