Counter Cafe


I went to lunch this afternoon at Counter Cafe. What I thought was going to be an average but tasty lunch proved to be so much more. I had heard/read tons of good things about Counter Cafe’s food but particularly, their hamburger. When I got it, all my expectations were blown away. Everyone, I kid you not this simple hamburger is one of my new top 5 favorite meals EVER. This medium-rare patty on a sourdough bun with cheddar cheese, bib lettuce, ketchup, bacon and jalapeños really made me the happiest girl on the planet. So simple yet so unbelievably delicious and juicy. The food gods were sure looking down on me today, that’s for sure.

Counter Cafe has weird hours (only open 7:30 am-4 pm!) so make sure you think about that when going! If you’re in Austin and haven’t been, get on over there! Their breakfast and everything else on the menu looks so good that you really couldn’t go wrong with anything. But as for me, I highly recommend the hamburger. I promise you’ll thank me.



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