Glittered Champagne Bottles


Sparkle Sparkle Pop Fizz Clink! Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! Goodbye 2014, hello 2015! I hope everyone has fun evenings planned…be it going out or staying in, have a lovely time!

Yesterday Emily and I got together for a bit of New Years crafting. We’d seen these glittered champagne bottles on Pinterest and being the crafting girlies we are, we decided to try it out ourselves. It was so simple! And my goodness, tonight these bottles will be the showstopper in pictures and at a party.


For this craft, all you need is glitter, mod podge, a brush, and bottles of whatever you have on hand! Emily’s family had two bottles of Moscato but I think it would be perfect to do champagne bottles to toast to the New Year! Anything is absolutely wonderful!

All you need to do is paint the bottles with a thin layer of mod podge and then doast in glitter to cover! Touch up any spots you missed then allow the glitter and mod podge to completely dry and then bam! You’ve got a festive treat! It was so so so easy!

Here’s a quick tip though: make sure your layer of mod podge you paint onto the bottle is an even and thin so when you put the glitter on it, it would run down the bottle from the weight of the glitter. And make sure you do this over newspaper or in our case, a craft cloth, because there will 100% be glitter everywhere after you finish. Which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me….!

Happy New Year Everyone! xoxo.


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