Texas Soccer in Hawaii: Part 2

Let’s see, let’s see…where did I leave off the last time? Oh, that’s right…I was contemplating whether or not I would return from Hawaii as a soccer playing surfer chick. Well, sorry to disappoint you friends. But Texas Soccer is officially back in Austin and there are no hula skirts or surfboards in sight. Oh well, instead you’ll find me in chino short and checkered button-downs from J.Crew… #prepster

But enough about Austin let me tell you about the rest of our time in Hawaii! We awoke Saturday morning after a hard fought battle against Arizona State resulting in a tie. All of our bodies a little sore, we headed down to breakfast anxious to see what fun the day would store. Well the fun started right then and there because the breakfast at our hotel was the bomb.com. All of us munched on fresh Hawaiian pineapple, acai bowls, the absolute fluffiest pancakes, and plenty of eggs and bacon. After our bellies were sufficiently full, our coach surprised us with our first adventure of the day. We were going to hike Diamond Head Mountain. What better way to burn off those calories we just devoured than a fun hike that ending with an overlook of Waikiki Beach?! Count me in. We took a bus to the trail and made our way to the top. Climbing steps and uneven surface, we eventually made it to the peak and took enough selfies and pictures to last a lifetime. Seriously though, the ladies of Texas Soccer are selfie-loving-picture-taking machines. Give us a camera and it’s go time. The view from the top was breathtaking. Our pictures definitely don’t do the view justice.

After wrecking enough havoc on the top of the mountain, we made our way back to the base where the aura of cold water and plenty of air condition awaited us on the bus. We filed into the bus for the announcement of adventure #2 of the day: free time at the beach! But the best part? Ange said she would allow us to go standup paddle boarding and boogie boarding! Getting back to the hotel, we sprinted up to our rooms and changed into our suits as quickly as possible. After a short 5-minute walk to the paddle and boogie boarding rental area, we all ventured out into the open ocean. Now, here in Austin they have standup paddle boarding on Town Lake. That in now way prepared us for what we were about to experience in the ocean. The waves were insane and most of us found ourselves falling off our boards than standing on them. It was so much fun though! When we eventually got the hang of it all and were fortunate enough to stand up and maneuver through the waves, we took a quick picture for proof then normally a wave would come and we’d fall off screaming and laughing the whole time. In my defense, holding both my GoPro and my paddle was somewhat tricky so maybe that’s why I fell of so freaking much. It was a blast but it was exhausting. After a couple of hours in the ocean and sunshine (and a little bit of sunburn), we got back to our hotel for a quick lunch. Looking haggard from the constant hit of wave after wave, we took showers and emerged a couple hours later looking fabulous. Lovely what a shower and a dab of makeup can do for some of us! 🙂

We then made the scenic walk over to Hard Rock Café for a little din din as a big Texas Soccer family. Arriving just in time for our reservation, we walked into the rockin’ restaurant and ate some rather yummy food. I got some steak with a side of broccoli and mashed taters and it was yum yum in my tum tum. We even celebrated our sweet manager’s birthday with lots of singing and laughing! It was fantastic. Tired from the long but amazing day, we went to bed rather early that night with much ease. 

Sunday morning came around and we got dressed and ready for a light practice. After practice we got some sandwiches for lunch and we’re given a little free time to shop, shop, shop, shop until we dropped. We stayed in an area of Honolulu that was surrounded by the stores of amazing designers and retailers. You name it, they had a store for it. Needless to say, our bank accounts suffered a little that afternoon. Ha! We came back to our hotel with our new souvenirs and other knick-knacks to watch some film and talk about our upcoming game versus University of Hawaii. After film, ice baths, and other some other rehab we got dinner and then sooner than later we found it time for bed. I swear the bed of rocks and found it comfortable because we found ourselves so freaking tired at night!

After our final night in Hawaii, we got up at 9 on Monday morning and went downstairs for some breakfast and then went back to our rooms to pack up all our stuff. Still not sure how I fit everything in my suitcase…I brought so much stuff. I still think I deserve a pat on the back. Most importantly though, Monday was game day and we were all preparing to play Hawaii that night! Fast forward to game time at 5 o’clock, we beat Hawaii 2-1 and booked it to the airport for a redeye to Austin that night. All in a wonderful mood from a win and a great trip to Hawaii, we got some celebratory ice cream at the airport before boarding the plane to make the journey back to Austin! Basically we loaded up on sugar before taking Tylenol PM so we could all sleep on the plane. Makes so much sense, right? Mahalo Hawaii for such an amazing trip and even better memories!


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