Texas Soccer Preseason

Our first game is tonight, yes tonight! In preparation for season, all of Texas Soccer comes in at the beginning of August for preseason. (Cue dark and scary music duh duh duhhhhh) No, I’m just kidding. Preseason isn’t scary. It’s just a lot of soccer in a very short amount of time, living in the dorms again, running from an early morning practice to ice baths to rehab to lunch to a quick power nap to another practice to ice bath to…shall I go on? Basically preseason in short is: practice, eat, sleep, repeat. To be completely honest, it’s absolutely exhausting but it all pays off because it’s finally game day! The moment when we get to put on our uniforms for real (and not just for picture day and then we immediately take them back off!), is pretty special. Lots of aches and pains and soreness got us here but that all goes away when we run on to the field and the music is blaring and then fans are yelling. All the two-a-day tough practices and ice baths and treatment pays off. Tonight, 7:30 p.m. Go Texas Soccer!


The night before the start of preseason, our staff takes us out to dinner. Basically, we nom nom nom on carbs and other tasty things because we’ll run it off the next morning!


Bam. First day of preseason is here. We have three fitness tests we have to pass to “officially” make the team and earn all of our fun Texas Soccer gear…including matching tennis shoes, cleats, jackets, shorts, sports bras, sliders, shirts, and lots of other good stuff. Here we are about to run our first of 3 three tests, The Cooper, which is 7.25 laps in 12 minutes, go go go! #BurntOrangeChristmas


My amazing junior class on picture day! Smile pretty (?) for the camera! Haha, we like to mean mug, soft smile, and just generally goof off to annoy the photographer. These are one of our four uniform kits…we also have black, gray, and burnt orange. I’m telling ya, we get so much stuff!

If you’re lucky enough to have Longhorn Network, tune in at 7:30 p.m. central time and watch us take on Incarnate Word in our first game of the season! You can’t miss me, I’m #13 and am the only ginger on the team. Hooooooook ’em, ladies and gents!


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