My Vineyard Vines “Everyday Should Feel This Good” Moment

Did a little thing for Vineyard Vines the other day that was so fun, y’all! I applied to be a “Whale Rep” on my college campus. For those of you who don’t know, Vineyard Vines is a preppy men’s and women’s clothing brand with a bright pink whale logo. I love the brand and everything is stands for…preppy, fun, exciting, adventurous. Did I mention preppy? Part of the application required a video that showed my “Everyday Should Feel This Good” moment (that’s their slogan!). Taylor, one of Texas Soccer’s former managers and a great friend of mine, put this video together for me using all of his GoPro gadgets…including a drone he just got for it, so cool! The video turned out to be ten times better than I ever thought it would be. It’s AMAZING!

From the video, you’ll be able to tell that my EDSFTG moment is when I’m at Texas Soccer Camps having dance parties with my teammates and coaching and joking around with all my sweet campers. Using film from over 6 weeks of soccer camps, Taylor crafted it into this video that pretty much sums up all the craziness that occurs at camp. Hook ’em Horns, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks again for all of your help, Taylor!

P.S. I love this video and all of Taylor’s GoPro gadgets so much that I decided to get a GoPro for myself. So, everyone, get ready for some adventures and cool videos coming your way soon (or whenever I figure out how to work everything…Taylor, help!) Yay!


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