Texas Soccer Campers

Every summer I stay in Austin for the majority of the time to take summer school and be with my teammates so we can workout together and all that jazz in preparation for season. Well, and there’s one more reason: Texas Soccer Camp. Lots of us work the camps as counselors. The absolute best part about camps are the stories we tell at lunch and dinner about our campers. Most of the time they have us rolling over dying laughing. It’s great. Camps are exhausting from having to be in the heat all day so thank goodness the campers provide some much needed levity.

And every summer I am paired with the youngest campers of the bunch. My coaches know I have as much energy as the 4 and 5 year olds and that I can handle their outbursts and whining. Let’s just say, most of the youngsters who come to camp do not come on their own accord: Mommy and Daddy drop them off and say “Whew, finally three free hours to myself! Where’s the wineeee?” Hey, I’m here to help best I can.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the most precious bunch of kids. As a group, we were Team USA. #America We’ve had 4 camps this summer so far and these kiddos have been my favorite group by far. My inner girlie girl comes out but my goodness, they’re just so cute!

IMG_2590 IMG_2596But don’t let the cuteness fool you: they still had their “moments”. Half the time they don’t even want to play soccer…red light/green light and duck duck goose were both major players that week of camp. Screw soccer. Let’s just run in circles instead. Not complaining, nice change of pace. 

For example:

“If you give me a donut, I’ll play soccer.” -Vince, Camper

“Unfortunately I don’t have any donuts, bud!” -Me

**proceeds to walk over to the shaded tent area and take of his cleats…he wasn’t kidding**


“I’m dairy free, gluten free, and soy free. I didn’t bring a snack for snack time. Do you have anything I can eat?” -Emerson, (4 Year Old) Camper

“Well, what on earth do you eat?! I have no idea what to give you.” -Me

“Well, Whole Foods and Central Market are my favorite places to find stuff. I don’t like HEB. Too much bad stuff.” -Emerson

**proceed to steal one of my teammates apple…gluten, soy, and dairy free…BOOM**


“Hey, do you want to see something cool?!?” -Jake, Camper

“Sure!” -Me

**proceeds to basically belly flop himself onto the ground in front of me**

“Jake, what are you doing?? Doesn’t that hurt?!” -Me

“Nope, it’s a ninja flop. I’m a ninja.” -Jake


If you can’t already tell from these three brief moments during camp, Team USA was surely a funny bunch that always made me smile. No matter how annoying they could be at times. Oh well, I miss them. The group I had after them were 6 and 7 years olds who have a whole new level of sass. Hook ’em Horns from Texas Soccer Camps. Always.



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