London, England

‘Ello, mates! We’ve made it to the last post for my European summer travels this summer. Rome, Venice, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich and now London! But what a happy end it will be! After a short flight from Munich, we arrived  in London, England! My favorite place in the world! This was my third trip to England. It was Emily’s second and Rachel’s first. Thankfully, Rachel loves to explore a city by walking around and delving into the locals things to do versus hitting up all the English tourist attractions. Been there, done that. So basically, Emily and I just got to show her our favorite spots in the city and find some new ones as well! We’re like locals, I tell you, locals. We wish. Brace yourselves, though, this post has a million and one pictures because…well, just because it’s quite necessary! Enjoy!

We started our time in London with a trip to Harrod’s. I love Harrods. There are so many people filing in and out of all the rooms and floors…it’s quite easy to get lost. Although everyone working there are always so cordial and happy to give directions. Thank goodness. We picked up some delicious desserts and roamed around taking it all in. Oh! And Rachel had her first ever French macaron! Thank you, Ladurée! She fell in love with them, duh. [Side note: still trying to perfect my macaron recipe, more on that later though.]

The next day we headed over to Fortnum and Mason for high tea. Never fails to be one of my favorite parts of the trip. Everything is so dainty and girly…and quintessentially British. Win, win, win! After tea, we were in a huge food coma and decided to walk towards Westminster Abbey to say hello to Big Ben. He was looking mighty fine so we had to take some selfies with him. After that, we headed to Covent Garden for some shopping.

Throughout our time in London we had the chance to have dinner at The Hurlingham Club with one of our dear friends from London. For those of you who don’t know, The Hurlingham Club is the most exclusive sports and social club located in the center of the city. So, Rachel, Emily, and I put our posh pants on for the night and imagined we were dining with royals. Darlings, we walked through the gardens and sashayed through the beautiful cricket fields. We had the best time acting all proper. Only the best for us Americans, you see. [If you’re reading this Zo, thanks again for taking us! We had the most amazing time with you! xoxo.]

We spent four days in London and it was so relaxing. Wandering around the city knowing generally where things are located was fabulous. Finding new little pockets with precious flats and immaculately dressed people was lovely. I didn’t want to leave! But my wardrobe proved to have more dirty clothes than clean and my family was greatly missed. Until next time Londontown, cheerio!

Like I mentioned earlier, if you hadn’t read about my previous trips to London, read about them here and here!

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2 thoughts on “London, England

  1. Greetings from an Englishman that spent the best part of two years commuting into London for work, and still returns every so often. Love your photos 🙂

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