Munich, Germany

A hop, skip, and a jump over from Salzburg (more like an hour and a half train ride), we found ourselves in Munich.

Upon arriving, our stomachs told us to get our butts to a restaurant pronto and we ended up at Augustiner Bräu, Munich’s oldest brewery. We sat down and immediately liked this place. Instead of the typical chips and salsa us Texans are used to at our favorite Mexican food restaurants, they serve pretzels! Winner in my book thus far. Then straight after you take a bite, a server comes over and asks “Liter or half liter?” Takes us a minute for to realize he’s talking about beer (duh #blondemoment) and all of us say, half liter…I mean, my goodness, we’d be stumbling out of the place after a liter in the middle of the day! Emily and I split the Mix pan of Specialties. This meal included a breast of duck, knuckle of pork, roasted pork, red cabbage and a potato dumpling. All of this was slathered in gravy. Good thing we split it, our meal was huge! It was fan-freaking-tastic. Definitely ranks as one of my favorite meals of the entire trip. We were all in a food coma once we finally decided to leave but boy-oh-boy was it worth it.

IMG_1632 IMG_1635

After that, we mosied our way back to our hostel to plan what the next couple of days were going to look like. Thinking that we were going have an early night and lots of rest to prepare for the days ahead, that was pushed to the wayside when we decided to go to a beer garden that night for some typical German fun! The atmosphere at the beer garden is great, everyone is laughing and talking and having a jolly good time. We met some guys from America and talked with them until the beer garden closed in the wee hours of the morning! When we finally made it back to our place, our beds were singing our names. Come to sleeeeep, Brinkley. However, after our night I’ve put returning to Germany during Oktoberfest on my bucket list. Crazy, yes.


The next day, we walked to Marienplatz, the heart of Munich. Being Munich’s main square, we did a bit of shopping here and there. Then, we made it to the Rathaus-Glockenspiel just in time for the clock to chime at 11 a.m. and for the tourist attraction to follow. Everyday at 11 o’clock, the huge clock chimes and re-enacts two stories from the 16th century to hundreds of people watching everyday. It’s one of Munich’s major tourist attractions, but really it’s not that big of deal. Here’s a YouTube video, you can decide for yourself.

IMG_5905 IMG_1708 IMG_1757

After seeing the song and dance of the Glockenspiel, we decide to split up for the afternoon. Megan wanted to go explore some churches, Emily needed to go work on an essay, and Rachel and I just wanted to wander. We ended up finding ourselves in an open air market, of course (markets are our favorites!). It started to rain and we ran for some cover from the rain. We ended up at a little cafe that served homemade soup…rain+soup=perfect! Well, the menu was in German and no one behind the counter spoke any English so we ordered what the person in front of us got…thankfully it was tomato basil soup and it was delicious. It warmed us up a bit but after lunch we found ourselves at an ice cream stand. And we can’t resist ice cream, so we’re back to square one with being cold. But the rain has subsided so we were good, ice cream is always a good decision. After ice cream, we continued to walk around and found some other fun things…including beautiful flowers and pretzels bigger than my face!

IMG_1761 IMG_1768 IMG_1811 IMG_1803

That night, we reunited for dinner. At this point, we were all kinda over heavy German food, so where do we end up? At a Chinese restaurant! How’s that for changing things up? At the Fire Dragon Lounge, they’re known for their hot pots. A pot of seasoned broth is brought to the table and there is a large buffet with everything from vegetables to seafood to meat. While the hot pot is kept simmering at the stove on your table, you place your ingredients into the pot and they are cooked right there. It’s really fun! And it proved to be some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had…go figure!

IMG_0668_2 IMG_1682

The next morning, we sadly had to part ways. Emily, Rachel, and I were scheduled to take a flight to London and Megan a train to Switzerland to meet up with her mom who had flown in from the US. After a quick breakfast, we made our way to the airport. Off to my favorite place on earth with two of my best friends. Londontown, we’re coming for ya next!

Danke, Germany!

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