Blue Print Cleanse

I did it! I completed a three day juice cleanse, people. Some of you might think I’m crazy. My answer: gurrrrl, I already know I’m crazy, that’s nothing new. This weekend I wanted to try something a little different (…and I had a 20% discount for the cleanse), so why not? What’s three days without food? Bam.

Here’s the rundown: Blue Print Cleanse. Six juices a day for three days. I ordered the second-level cleanse, Foundation. The second level is for those people who are health conscious and workout regularly but ya know, splurge every once and a while on a cupcake or french fry. That’s me, friends.


So, the juices came in Friday morning and I’m off to the races. For the Foundation Blue Print Cleanse, you drink three green juices (romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon), one PAM (pineapple, apple, mint), one spicy lemonade (lemon, agave, cayenne), and one cashew milk (cashews, vanilla, cinnamon, agave). The cleanse is so easy because the bottles are numbered and you eat drink them 1 through 6 progressively through the day.

I love juice so the cleanse wasn’t hard for me at all. The green juice is very, well, green…it tasted like celery and cucumber. If you drink it really chilled, it’s nice! The PAM is so yummy with lots of mint. I could drink that for fun. The spicy lemonade tastes like watered down lemonade with a hint of spice from the cayenne pepper. I can actually see myself adding cayenne to my everyday lemonade, it’s good! The cashew milk at the end of the day is perfect. With a big dose of cinnamon and vanilla, it’s kinda like ice cream. I would blend it with ice and make a frappuccino-like texture! Great trick and it mixes things up a bit without breaking the “rules” of the cleanse.


At the end of day three, I was glad to be done. But I wasn’t dying from drinking juice all-day-errrry-day. I worked out while on the cleanse and still had plenty of energy. I could easily see myself doing it again in a couple of months, maybe once or twice a year or something like that. However, one thing I learned: I could never be a vegetarian. My goodness, while I can go three days without meat, I could never go a lifetime. Meat was the only thing I craved. Oh, and watermelon. But watermelon is my favorite summertime breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that was to be expected. Overall, the Blue Print Cleanse was fantastic! I feel great and the cleanse has definitely reinforced my healthy eating habits throughout the summer. Maybe I’ll go cook a turkey burger without the bun instead of a hamburger…hey, the cleanse must be working!

Have you ever tried a cleanse? Have any questions about mine? Let me know!


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