This or That: June


1. This great dane puppy, like me, isn’t a fan of mornings. I feel ya pup, I feel ya.

2. I mean, Trader Joe’s amazes me more and more everyday.

3. Can’t stop laughing! These haunted house pictures before the scariest part of the house are priceless.

4. Ice cream sandwiches that will instantly make you happy.

5. Moms, this ones for you. Classic mom texts!

6. I need these limited edition orange Karen Walker sunnies in my life.

7. In case you missed it: my posts about my recent trips to Rome, Venice, Vienna, and Salzburg. Munich coming soon!

8. Love this dress! So cute ‘n fun.

9. The ‘Scandal’ clothing line is happening. Gladiators, rejoice.

10. I’ll take this Loren Hope cuff in every color, please.

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