Salzburg, Austria

The hillllllllssssss are aliiiiiiiiive with the sound of muuuuuuusssssic.

If you can imagine four girls singing the entire Sound of Music soundtrack for 2 days straight, then you can pretty much imagine our entire trip to Salzburg.

ImageSalzburg, Austria is home to The Sound of Music, my friends. It is also home to some of the cheeriest people, delicious desserts, and beautiful mountains as well. For our first full day there, we had a half-day tour scheduled. In preparation for this, we, of course, watched The Sound of Music the night before so as to be fully ready to spot Maria and the Von Trapp children skipping and singing down the roads in perfect harmony. The morning came faster than expected and we were up and at ’em. Jonathan, our tour guide, came and picked us up from our hostel at 8:45 in the morning, and then started a day of exploring…and singing, and acting like Maria, and just annoying the general public of Salzburg with our “ooh’s and ahh’s” of everything around us. Don’t mind us, folks!

First stop: the magnificent Palace of Leopoldskron (say that 10 times fast). This palace is one of the Von Trapp residences used for filming.


After seeing the residence and the surrounding lake area, we headed to Hellbrunn Palace to see the Gazebo. You all know what Gazebo I’m talking about…I am sixteen, going on seventeen! Yes, yes, the one where Liesl and Rolf sing at night and have a little romantic love scene! Considering we’re not allowed inside the Gazebo, Megan and Emily so graciously recreated the scene for us (as seen in the picture below). 


And here’s me dramatically running and dancing and doing my best Maria von Trapp impression while singing The Hills are Alive. Let’s say I got some funny looks from the local onlookers and toursists. #MariaVonTrappWannabe


After taking way too many selfies, we hopped into our car and headed off to the next part: a toboggan ride!!! Yes, a toboggan ride down a chute on the side of a beautiful Salzburg mountain. I decided I’m quitting soccer and am joining the USA toboggan team for the 2016 Olympics. It’s happening. Emily and I went together on a 2 person toboggan. This was definitely my favorite part of the day! And while I couldn’t take pictures while zooming down the mountain for fear of losing my phone, here are some pictures while going to the top with such anticipation and excitement!


Our adrenaline rush was at an all time high so Jonathan took us to a local village, St. Gilgen, for some traditional Austrian desserts. The cafe with these homemade desserts sits on the side of the mountain overlooking Salzkammergut, a beautiful lake! We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine and ate and ate some more. All four of us shared a piece of currant crumble cake and apple strudel a la mode. Both desserts were so satisfying. It was hard resisting seconds…


After a nice sugar rush, we made our final stop of the day to the parish church of Mondsee. This is where Maria Von Trapp walks down the aisle to get married!  But never mind the church (it was beautiful, yes) but let’s talk about the people in the church. On the particular day we visited, there was a confirmation that had just ended and hundred and parents were walking around celebrating their children. And you know what they we’re wearing? Lederhosen and dirndl dresses…yes, super traditional Austrian clothes that all of us thought were a joke at first to please tourists and our idea of their culture. Nope, this is their everyday wear y’all. Our jaws dropped. We couldn’t believe it, it was awesome! I wish I would’ve gotten some good pictures but honestly I was stunned that I couldn’t get my act together in time before we had to leave! But Jonathan, our tour guide, wore lederhosen, no worries!


We bombarded Jonathan with a million and one questions as we drove back to the city center. At this point, our tour was over and the four of us explored the old city the rest of the afternoon. Salzburg is so quaint and lovely. If you’re in Austria, it’s 100% worth the trip. I thought about buying a dirndl dress and lederhosen for a souvenir but then thought, I think I’d look a little out of place in Austin if I wore that around…

Oh! And that night for dinner we had some beer, brats, and pretzels. But honestly, my brats tasted like hotdogs. So, I say that I had gourmet Austrian hotdogs. Don’t tell the people of Salzburg, though, they might get offended.


Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye for now!


2 thoughts on “Salzburg, Austria

    • yes! honestly the city was so quaint and fun. everywhere you turned was a beautiful sight of the mountains and the people are so nice! and, the sound of music…what’s better?

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