Brinkles Sprinkles: Back to the Drawing Board

I am going to confess something to y’all, though. I had this wonderful and super cute post planned, but then life happened. It goes something like this: It’s Sunday afternoon and I wanted to bake a cake just because I can. Well, I start to make this cake and everything is going splendid. The cakes bake wonderfully, the icing goes together perfectly, my mouth is watering while waiting for the cakes to cool. Okay, but, here is goes. Time to stack and frost the three tiered cake. That’s where is goes ALL WRONG, PEOPLE. All wrong. I stack the first cake and ice the top. So far, so good. I go to take the second cake out of the pan and it completely breaks. Crumbles everywhere, I tell you. A once beautiful layer is now in crumbles. “It’s fine” I think to myself…I’ll just cover it with the third layer and doust everything in buttercream icing. Wrong. The middle later is spilling out of the sides and the top is slowly sliding off. I used too much icing on the other layers trying to using icing to glue everything together so I don’t have enough for the outside. In the end, the cake looks, well, sub-par. Actually, if I’m being completely honest, it looked terrible. I basically murdered this cake I had been working on for the past two hours. But for one thing, it tasted fantastic! Ask my roommate, she approved. Overall, it all ended up okay because I still have a funny story to tell. I just had to share, it made me laugh and yes, I do make mistakes!

So instead of leaving y’all with a picture of my messy but tasty cake, I’ll leave you wonderful peeps with this picture of me and my brand new KitchenAid I received from Santa this past Christmas. This picture embodies Brinkles Sprinkles true happiness if I ever did see such a thing.

Bebe gets MIXER


Brinkles Sprinkles


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