Vienna, Austria

Okay, where were we…

Oh that’s right. We’re at the train station in Venice about to take an overnight train to Vienna and arrive in beautiful Austria in the morning. Well, we did just that. The cabin we stayed in had little foldout beds and everything…we were very cramped together, but we made it work. I can basically sleep anywhere so I had a great night sleep. The others, however…let’s just say some of them we’re counting sheep the whole night. But when we finally arrived in Vienna, we all got a little boost of energy!

My first impression of Vienna: the streets are clean, the people dress nicely, and I already loved it more than Italy. Sorry to all my Italian gelato and pizza loving friends, it’s true. Vienna was just more of my “pace.” In Italy, the stores close around 1 o’clock for a little siesta and then reopen around 4 (or whenever the owner wants it to open…). That’s not the case in Vienna, everything is open when it should be open…what a thought, right? Also, it’s not very touristy. I like to feel like a local in the places I go and Vienna proved perfect in satisfying that demand.

Rachel, Emily, Megan, and I stayed right across an area in Vienna called The Naschmarkt. Everyday, hundreds of stalls came alive selling local goods, foods, sweet treats, and tons of other stuff. Many a times we’d go over there to grab a quick drink or bite to eat or even a little snack. Definitely one of my favorite areas of Vienna. One thing for all you American girlie girls traveling to Vienna: if you walk through the Naschmarkt by  yourself or with a friend, the men and women behind the stalls will give you all the free samples in the world because you’re not in a group!! You can walk into the market hungry and walk out full of yummy treats in your belly!

Second impression of Vienna: the German language is so freaking hard. Yes I could kinda sorta get around in Italy because Italian is similar to Spanish (which I kinda sorta know from living in Texas and studying it since kindergarden…) but that all goes out of the window when it comes to Deutsch. They have letters and arrangements of letters that I have never seen before and can’t even think of pronouncing! So you can imagine when the 3 girls and I are trying to get around the city by looking at the street signs, we’d try to say the street names and get all tongue tied! If you overheard us, you’re welcome…I’m sure it was more than comical.

Now for pictures!


Our Little Room for the Overnight Train Ride


The Naschmarkt


The Best Part About The Naschmarkt: Fresh Fruit (…it tastes as good as it looks!)

IMG_1453 IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1461

Spices at The Naschmarkt


Viennese “Beehive Dessert” (Marshmallow Meringue covered in Chocolate)


Museum Quad


Bow down, peasants. Hofburg Palace.


When we walked home from Hofburg Palace, we lucked upon this park full of every type of rose imaginable growing everywhere! Happy Summer from Vienna!

IMG_1369 IMG_1373 IMG_1376

Roses are red. Violets are blue. They smell nice. Unlike you. (hehe)

IMG_1385 IMG_1420 IMG_1422 IMG_1426 IMG_1430

One afternoon while waiting for a bus to go to Schönbrunn Palace, we decided to lay down in a park around the Museum Quarter and just people watched for a good was fantastic and the weather was perfect!


Schönbrunn Palace

Vienna definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite cities in the world. The atmosphere, the bustling city center, the people, and the markets are wunderbar (or wonderful in Deutsch, because over the course of this post I’ve become fluent in the Viennese language…#IWish). Well, that’s all I got for Vienna!

Next stop: Salzburg!


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