FIFA World Cup 2014

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrrow! You’re only a day away!FIFA World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup starts tomorrow!! All us soccer fans have been waiting for this for ages…and it’s basically here! You better believe that I’ll have to give Netflix a break until July 13th because soccer will be on 24/7 (apologizing to my roommates now considering they’re not soccer players…).

Thankfully, tons of commercials for the World Cup have been released that have quenched our soccer thirst for the time being. The most amazing of these commercials have been released on YouTube because a lot of them are longer than 4 minutes…so basically, we’re talking short films at this point. Hey, either way, I can deal! The marketing tactics are clearly working because after I watch one, I get more and more giddy and click to watch another one!

“The Last Game” presented by Nike

“Winner Stays” presented by Nike

“The Game Before the Game” presented by Beats By Dre

“Gol!” presented by McDonalds

“House Match” presented by Adidas

 Fútbol fans unite! Opening game is tomorrow at 3 o’clock (central time) with Brazil versus Croatia. If you’re lucky enough to be in Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup, have an amazing time! I’ll be watching it in between soccer camps, Texas Soccer workouts, and summer school. Whew, whoever said summer is for lounging around obviously hasn’t met me. Enjoy the commercials…and all the cute soccer players! Ha!


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