Venice, Italy

Buongiorno, everybody! For today’s post, imagine you’re in Venice, in a gondola, with your best friends, snacking on fresh strawberries and peaches from the market, floating through the water in the sunshine looking and listening to all the sights and sounds around you…

Easy for me to imagine, that’s exactly what I did in Venezia! But hold up, wait a minute, let me back up a little bit. After some explanation, you’ll understand why we 100% deserved that overpriced gondola ride.

It all started at the train station in Venice. We took a train from Rome to Venice and after a nice little nappy-nap, we arrived in Venice well-rested and ready to go. Mind you, we were a little hungry at this point but we thought, “oh, we will be to our hotel soon…let’s go drop off our things and then go to dinner.” And so it begins…

It’s close, they said. It’s not far, they said. Don’t take a water taxi, walk and enjoy, they said. The train station people lied. A HALF MARATHON LATER WE MADE IT TO OUR HOTEL, barely in one piece.

Looking back on the walk from the train station to the hotel it probably was less than thirty minutes and wasn’t that bad. In the moment, however, it was a whole different story! Lugging around our huge suitcases and bags with jeans and cute clothes on over cobblestone roads with a million and one bridges and a million and two stairs in between made the walk pretty miserable I’m not going to lie. I thought about throwing my suitcase into the Grand Canal many a times but then thought “I feel like I’ll regret this moment.” Well, my suitcase made it to the hotel and so did I. After looking as though we had jumped in a swimming pool with all our sweat-laden clothes and faces, we made it to our humble abode. If I remember correctly, a huge halo was surrounding the hotel with fireworks going off in front of us and a bedazzled “Welcome Brinkley, Megan, Rachel, and Emily!” sign right out front…or maybe that was a mirage….either way, I was the happiest girl in the world. But of course the hotel didn’t have an elevator and of course we were on the fourth floor. What a few more flights of stairs after the walk we just conquered, right? Ugh. At this point our tiny hunger had turned into a monstrous hangry (hungry+angry=hangry) and we treated ourselves to some delicious Italian pizza…at a place very close to our hotel so there was minimal walking and absolutely no way we’d get lost on our way back. However, on the jaunt back to our place, we walked through Piazza San Marco and listened to a live orchestra play outside of Cafe Florian, the oldest cafe in Venice. It was beyond lovely and so soothing. We eventually mosied back and needless to say, we slept well that night.

The next morning, we all woke up a little sore. Ha! But the day proved wonderful. We walked around the city wandering through all the alleys, looking in all the shops and taking tons of pictures and tasting little sweet treats here and there. It all led to the wonderful gondola ride we enjoyed in the afternoon. So relaxing. I propose to flood the Texas and make gondola rides a thing…I’ll start a petition next week. Yes, no, maybe??

Venice is stunning…the buildings, the canals, and the bridges made it everything I imagined Venice to be. I thoroughly enjoyed it but spending one day there was more than enough time, mind you. It’s quite touristy an while I like to engage in some touristy things, the hundreds of tourist shops around every corner take away some of its charm. But if that’s the worse thing, they’re doing alright in my book. Props to Venice: your kind people, good food, and gondola rides definitely made up for the walk across the earth to get to our hotel. Ciao for now, Italia!


After “The Walk”…we hide our sweat and hunger quite nicely, no? Or was this after we had food…you’ll never know…


From Rialto Bridge, The Grand Canal 


St. Marks Clocktower, Piazza San Marco


Piazza San Marco


4 Girlies on a Gondola!!!



Gondola Selfies…yes. And Tony, our gondolier, even made one! Interesting fact: Tony is a fifth generation gondolier. Runs in the family, huh!

Now, you all, stop daydreaming and get out of the gondola! Eat one last Italian gelato because next stop: Vienna!


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