Rome, Italy

Well, after what seemed like ages after this fiasco (you remember…the whole joke American Airlines played on us when they cancelled our flights and all that jazz #goodtimes), we finally made it to ROMA! Cue the applause. And our bags and all our checked luggage was their waiting for us and it was magical.

After getting through customs blah blah blah, Emily and I made our way to our hotel to meet up with our friends, Rachel and Megan. Once at the hotel, we met Giorgio. Yes, everyone, Giorgio, the manager of our hotel. He looked as though he stepped right off of the Jersey Shore with tattoos all over his arms decked head-to-toe in Ed Hardy with the ever-so-distinct Italian accent (I found myself asking is Snooki and JWoww were around the corner…go watch MTV’s Jersey Shore if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Or rather, don’t watch it, that show is terrible and you’ll lose brain cells because of it’s stupidity…).

But, back to Giorgio. You see, Megan and Rachel had arrived the day before in Rome and were all situated in the hotel. They had informed Giorgio of our imminent arrival on Sunday…so, Giorgio knew our whole situation and was expecting us. Well, we arrive and Giorgio is there to greet us with open arms and many traveling sympathies. He takes our bags from us, ushers us to comfortable chairs, and tells us that we need some wine ASAP. And he means it…red wine in one hand and white wine in the other! Rachel and Megan were nowhere to be found at that point (out getting lunch somewhere) so we decide to go out on an adventure to a place Giorgio recommends to get some wine and other munchies. Well, as you could imagine, just as we walk out to go get drinks, Megan and Rachel walk in and we just missed each other. And it’s not like we can just text each other…none of us had international phone plans so our phones only work in wifi when we’re at the hotel! Cue another Giorgio moment: he sees Rachel and Megan and says with much worry “oh no, your friends were so hangry  (please note he has no idea what hangry means…his English is just sub-par but the mixup was quite laughable) and you just missed them!!! I sent them away!!! Let me take you to them. Hurry, quick, run!” Rachel told me they sprinted out of the hotel with Giorgio yelling directions and everything…can you imagine? So funny. Well, Emily and I hadn’t gotten to far and we basically created a scene out of a movie, action! Rachel yells my name from down the street, I turn, see her, run to her, and we embrace longlingly in slow motion, ha! No, but really, it was hilarious…all these Italian men looked at us as though we were crazy. (News flash: we are.) Once we found each other, the day was quite relaxed and lovely…definitely not as hectic as the morning, thank goodness.

Over a day and half, we toured the city from top-to-bottom. We saw EVERYTHING. It was fantastic. Here are a couple of snaps from the our Roman Holiday. Enjoy!

IMG_1107Disclaimer #1: Throughout our entire time in Rome, we embraced our inner Lizzie McGuire the whole time. Singing “This is what dreams are made of…” throughout the streets. Don’t be too jealous. That movie is everything I wanted Rome to be like.

IMG_1168We toured tons of Rome throughout the day but found ourselves back the Trevi Fountain that night because it’s stunning and even more spectacular at night! Not to mention some of the best gelato shops are right by it…



IMG_5771Everywhere you turned, these street vendors sold b-e-a-u-tiful flowers!

IMG_1177They next morning we ventured to the Vatican to say hi to Pope Francis.

IMG_1183After the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter’s Basilica, I had neck cramps from looking up at the stunning ceilings all morning. Not complaining though, the ceilings are my favorite part.

OH! Disclaimer #2: I have no pictures with Italy’s famous gelato because it was gone before I even though about taking a picture with it. Sorry (not sorry), y’all!

After the Vatican in the morning, we took a train to Venice in the afternoon. More on that later!

Ciao bella!


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