Back at It

Hello, hello, hello everyone. I am back in the lovely U-S-of-A sitting comfortably in my own bed (squeals of excitement) with my dogs right beside me. Yesterday I returned from a 16 day long adventure in Europe with 3 of my friends! (Over the next week or so, I’ll write all about it so as you can be caught up on my not-so-little extravaganza.)



I had the absolute BEST time. I love Europe, I mean, who doesn’t? But I also love returning home because…

1. My family

Daddy, Mommy, Davis. And my two golden retrievers, Tex and Rosie. No brainer.

2. My bed

After sleeping in hotel, hostel, and train beds for two weeks with no air conditioning, not enough pillows, and rock hard beds, my princess bed (…enough pillows and blankets to make 10 beds…) awaited me after a 10 hour flight from London. But, one always seems to get a better night sleep in your own bed. Am I right or am I right?

3. Mexican Food

Look, the food in Italy, Austria, Germany, and London was absolutely fantastic. We had all the local cuisine but man-oh-man, a heaping bowl of queso and chips is calling (more like screaming) my name.

4. Cellular Data Plan

I didn’t get a cellular data plan for my trip because it’s something like a million dollars for every international phone call you make (don’t quote me on that). So instead my friends and I relied on Wifi (pronounced wee-fee in Europe…so cute!) to send iMessages and Facetime. But when the Wifi is so slow and sometimes doesn’t even work, what are you going to do? Nothing! Soak up Europe instead!

5. Netflix

At the end of a long day, all I wanted to do was fall asleep to an episode of Mad Men but no…Netflix doesn’t work overseas! Oh well, you’ll find me binge watching while working out or in our big comfy chair in my den. #sorrynotsorry

6. Cereal

I normally have cereal or oatmeal every morning for breakfast. In Europe, our hostels and hotels all provided breakfast and they all seemed to be the same no matter what country we were in at the time…fruit, assortment of breads, yogurt, corn flakes, muesli, cold cuts, and cheese. After eating corn flakes and muesli for two weeks, returning to my pantry with its 10 different types of cereal provided for some much needed variety, to say the least.

7. My friends

Reunions over Mexican food, duh!

8. Coat Hangers

I can live out of a suitcase just fine but when I come home and am able to hang everything up in my closet so my shirts won’t get as wrinkled and I can plan outfits with more ease, I’m a happy girlie girl.

9. Texas

Yet another no brainer. I mean, it’s Texas. I love it here.

10. My Kitchen

I’ve missed baking, plain and simple.

Happy to be home with my family and friends! Can’t wait to tell y’all about my trip!

When you go on a trip, what do you find yourself missing?


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