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Fun fact about me: I’m always watching The Food Network. I could watch cooking shows ALL. DAY. LONG. Barefoot Contessa, Pioneer Woman, and Giada at Home are three of my favorites, among many others. I love seeing what they make, how they make it, the beauty of their food, how they present it, the list could go on and on and on. I find it so calming.

Since being home from college, I’ve gotten in many hours of watching my shows and have found 4 recipes that I, Brinkles Sprinkles, want to make in the future. Here they are:


Ree Drummond’s, The Pioneer Woman, Creme Brûlée 

If you’ve never been to The Pioneer Woman’s blog/website, you’re missing out. Everything she bakes and cooks, she includes step by step picture instructions. Click here now and go browsing a bit!


Chocolate Dipped Honeycomb

I had this at a restaurant in Dallas for dessert and ever since, I’ve wanted to try to make it. This summer, I’m doing it.


Key Lime Pie

I want to make the perfect, tart, rich, and thick key lime pie to remind me of my trip to Seaside a couple of summer’s ago with my friends. We had this key-limey pie every night for dessert.


French Macarons 

My favorite treat that reminds me of Paris. I have yet to find a great place to get these in Dallas or Austin so it looks like I’ll just have to satisfy my own sweet tooth!

What things are y’all looking forward to baking this summer?

Brinkles Sprinkles


4 thoughts on “Brinkles Sprinkles Inspiration

      • Will do! I made creme brulee a few weeks back in little ramekins… but doesn’t it look amazing and inviting in the large dish?! I might have to try baking this again 🙂

      • YUM! I think little individual desserts make for the most precious sweets but over the summer, a large dish that you can just throw in the oven would be perfect…less to clean up as well! And yes yes yes, you must try baking it again! Enjoy!

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