This or That: May

Donuts and Flowers
1. Quiz: What celebrity would play your best friend in the movie version of you? (I got Emma Watson because “we’re attached at the hip but a class act with an excellent sense of style”…I can dig it!)

2. The 17 Top Selling Items at Trader Joes. I love this grocery store.

3. Every week, 2 anonymous students sneak into a classroom and proceed to blow everyone’s mind. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.

4. Keep in mind when getting your next mani/pedi!

5. Need this print for my apartment, y’all.

6. Brinkles Sprinkles wants to make this.

7. In case you missed it: here are my travel diaries from my travels to London last summer (here and here). I’m going back at the end of May!

8. I want these earrings in every color.

9. To give you a giggle. 

10. A yummy summer salad

11. My favorite commercial right now.

What links are you loving lately?


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