Silver Lining: Roman Holiday Edition


If everything went according to plans, I would currently be on a plane to Rome right now. It would’ve just been about time for me to pop in my headphones, adjust my neck pillow, and go straight to sleep for the duration of the flight. And then on Saturday morning, I would have awoken to beautiful Italy.

But no. I’m currently back at home bundled in too many fuzzy blankets to count (Thanks, Dad!) deciding whether or not to take a nap or watch Netflix. (How about both?) For one thing, I am not on a plane jet setting across the Atlantic Ocean. Sadly, that just wasn’t happening for me today.

It all started at 5 o’clock this morning. I received one of those creepy automated calls (mind you, extra creepy at 5 in the morning) from American Airlines saying that my flight to Chicago (connecting flight to Rome) had been cancelled. *Initiate panic mode now* Well, of course I proceed to call American Airlines and of course they’re busy at 5 in the morning (my luck) so I get put on hold. Patience Brinkley, patience. Finally, someone calls me back and basically, he initially says that everything is overbooked, there’s no seats, we’re out of luck. You get the picture. Well, I call again, one person will not stop me. Finally, the American Airlines advisor puts me and Emily (we we’re traveling together) on a flight that goes through Philly then to Rome. Woohoo, point for the good team.

No, on the way to the airport, our flight is again cancelled. Point for the bad team. Long story short, we go through the same thing (they secure a flight, they print our boarding passes, we go to gate, they cancel flight) about 5 more times. Well, I eventually get another one of those creepy calls saying that we have been bumped to a flight Saturday morning which will fly through Chicago then Rome and we’ll arrive in Roma Sunday morning. A whole day later, sad day. But hey, there’s absolutely nothing that we can do…

So Emily and I found the silver lining.

1. We woke up this morning at 5 o’clock. We’re tired. And instead of traveling all day long exhausted, we get to go get a good nights sleep in our own beds and will be ready for tomorrow. It’ll be a long day but at least we’ll be well rested!

2. We’re arriving a whole day late but that just means when we finally do arrive in Rome, it’ll be even more exciting and exhilarating.

3. Emily and I have both agreed that after the hellacious day we had at the airport, we deserve an extra helping of gelato for our first meal in Roma, baby.

4. While it might not have been an ideal situation, I got to spend the day with my best friend, Emily.

5. I realized that there’s absolutely nothing either of us can do to get us on a plane to Rome today so why not enjoy another beautifully sunny day in Dallas?

We have a flight scheduled for tomorrow morning. Praying that everything goes as planned tomorrow…I have a lunch with Pope Francis that I would feel so bad missing!

Have you ever had your travel plans thrown for a loop?



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