Real Life: Laundry and Packing

Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you I’m completely organized and always on top of things. I love making lists and always make sure my planner is color coordinated and up-to-date. I love doing things ahead of time and planning out my days. And I for sure don’t like doing things last minute. However, there are 2 exceptions: (1) laundry and (2) packing. Ugh.


I do laundry routinely (…don’t let it cross you mind that I ever wear dirty clothes, absolutely not….) but even worse than actually doing the laundry is putting up the laundry. For some reason, I’m just not a fan. Folding clothes, hanging them on coat hangers, arranging them in my closet. No thank you. I wait until the very last minute that I realize I need something that I cleaned to find it and simultaneously put all my other things up before running out of the door to go somewhere, do something, see someone. If I have five minutes before having to leave my apartment, you’ll see me scrambling to put everything up…makes the miserable laundry time go by quicker. Try it, I promise. And then there’s the ironing to make sure I look crisp, I don’t want to talk about it. A necessary evil I tell you.

Packing LV Suitcases

The other think I hate to do: pack. Oh my gosh, I am notorious for overpacking. I wait until the night before to pack for any vacation, no matter what. I would take my whole closet with me on vacation if I could. Choosing what and what not to take is so hard for me. I have to think about where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, if it will look good in pictures. And then the shoes…I mean, don’t get me started, how can a girl chose? So many decisions. It takes a lot of clothes, shoes, and accessories to stay fabulous. Oy vey. 

The reason I tell you this is because this Friday I’m going to Europe. And I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked by friends and family, “Oh! Have you started packing yet?” The answer is no, everyone. And then they look at me as though I’m crazy for waiting until the last minute. My response to them…you’re the crazy one! Ha, take that.

Well, until Thursday night, my suitcase will lie empty and happy…just the way I like it. xx.



4 thoughts on “Real Life: Laundry and Packing

  1. The reason you over pack is because you wait until the last minute. Really! Think about planning ahead and creating a capsule wardrobe of pieces that mix / match /layer together to form multiple outfits. I only take 3 pairs of shoes max and I’m fairly content (walking shoe, dressy shoe, and a bonus shoe). I only use a carry on bag so it is possible to travel lighter! Bonus – you’re not fighting with your luggage every ounce of the trip!
    Think about decanting your favorite products into smaller bottles too – less leaks.
    I really think you’ll reap the benefits of packing lighter – especially in Europe which is so walking oriented.

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