Soccer Smartie Pants, Round 2

Its awards season at The University of Texas at Austin. A couple of weeks ago, you read about this athletic banquet put on by the Texas Athletic Department and how all of my soccer teammates and I got all dressed up and ready for the dinner and awards ceremony for the entire athletic department. Well, we had another awards ceremony. However, this time, it was only for the girls! No boys allowed (…sadly, ha!). This “Longhorn Honors Womens Awards Ceremony” recognizes all the wonderful seniors graduating and reflects upon every women’s team and their accomplishments. Blah, blah, blah you get the picture. Hook ’em Horns, yea! But the funny thing about this awards ceremony is that every year is is broadcast on Longhorn Network, a sports television network focusing solely on the Texas Longhorns. My parents were watching and they said I made a 1-second cameo while one of the multiple cameras scanned the audience…so basically I’m famous.


Like I’ve said before, sometimes I don’t recognize my teammates when we’re all dressed up…I’m used to seeing everyone with no makeup on and sweaty from workout! We clean up quite nicely if I do say so myself!



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