I (Heart) You, American Heart Association

I had the lovely pleasure of interning for the American Heart Association in Austin this semester. It was such a fun experience! Essentially, spring is the American Heart Association’s “Social Season” and the other marketing intern and I were in charge of planning events to help raise money and awareness for AHA over the course of the semester! This past weekend, all of our hard work came into fruition on Saturday night at the 17th Annual Heart Ball, our biggest event of the season! The Heart Ball included 3 silent auctions (silent, super silent, and live), approximately 600 guests, and Lyle Lovett as the featured musical guest! And of course it was black tie attire…ball gowns and tuxedos, ladies and gentlemen, my favorite. While I was constantly working and running around making sure everything was running smoothly, I did manage to take a couple of pics with my iPhone (…so while they might not be the best quality, you get the picture! #punny). If you ever get the chance to attend a Heart Ball anywhere around the country, go! It’s a magical experience!

ImageSetting Up

ImageThe “I Can’t Believe it’s actually the day of the Heart Ball! It’s finally here!” Selfie

ImageSmiles all around!

ImageImageOne of the volunteers at the event was a beauty queen and is going to be in the Miss Texas Pageant in July! She brought one of her crowns with her and of course I had to try it on…I am the real Queen B, after all. Don’t forget it. 

ImagePeople, people everywhere!

ImageImageThis is Morgan, one of the other interns. I don’t know what I would have done without her this semester, we worked so well together and have become great friends! You looked stunning, Morgs! Love ya!

ImageImageSo thankful for such a wonderful experience and all the awesome people I got the chance to work with! So many thank you’s to the Austin Division of the American Heart Association! Y’all got it going on!



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