Kiernan Shipka

I’m currently on season five of Mad Men on Netflix and one of the main reasons I love the show is because of the fashion, duh. And my favorite character on the show? Miss Sally Draper…aka Kiernan Shipka.

I mean, let’s first talk about her Instagram. Bascially, 80% of the photos she posts are of delicious-looking, mouth-watering, get-in-my-belly food, coffee, and sweets. Girl after my own heart. Basically, her insta game is on point.

The other 20% of her posts are of her and her beautiful friends styled perfectly for parties or for lunch dates in LA or wherever else she may be.

Her style is perfection, on the show and in real life. And did I mention she is only 14 years old? Hold on, wait a minute. What? She looks as though she’s my age…

Kiernan Shipka 1 Kiernan Shipka 2 Sally Draper 3Kiernan Shipka 8 Sally Draper 6Keirnan Shipka Kiernan Shipka 9Fourteen years old. That’s one-four. She’s fabulous.




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