Stay for Dinner

I don’t know what it has been, but lately I have had the strongest urge to host a dinner party. Maybe it’s all The Real Housewives of New York/Orange County/Atlanta (the list could go on…sadly…) that I’ve watched where there always seems to be a dinner party that goes from fun to disaster-mayhem-craziness in 2.3 seconds. I feel like I need to host one just so I can prove to myself that that type of dinner party behavior is not the norm. Those Real Housewives are cray cray! But once you start watching, have fun pulling yourself away…it’s addicting.

If I were to throw a dinner party, here’s the problem: I tend to go all out on these type of things. I’d need a 5-course dinner complete with hor d’oeuvres, drinks, and plenty of flowers for the table and general surrounding. Girls would need to be in ball gowns and the boys in suits. I’d need servants walking around in tuxedos handing this delicious food that I’ve made (or maybe I could hire a chef…?) to all my beautiful friends with a pianist playing soothing music in the background. I’m talking over the top fabulous. You know? Well considering I have no money and no time and no space to do this, I’ll stick to looking at beautiful photos of tablescapes from beautiful parties on Pinterest.



Maybe I’ll just stick to making dinner and dessert for my sweet roommates…and then slowly make my way up to fabulous-ness. I mean, I have been known to make a mean salmon (here’s proof). Baby steps, baby steps.




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