Round Up 2014

Round Up weekend at The University of Texas at Austin is one of the best weekends ever.

Kind of hard to explain but basically it goes something like this:

Thousands of students from Texas and other colleges alike flock to Austin, Texas for the weekend to go crazy. Basically, it’s just a huge weekend of parties hosted by the Greek community at UT. There are parties all weekend long. Sorority girls come out in West Campus (where all the fraternity and sorority houses are located) decked in their sororities’ letters plastered on brightly colored t-shirts, wind shorts, tattoos, stickers, coozies, socks, sliders, shoe laces, swimsuits, and hats. The more colorful (and obnoxious), the better. All the fraternities bring in rappers to perform at their parties and the sororities host philanthropy events that includes lots of fun, food, and face-painting. The fraternity parties get so big that lines to get into the frat parties are up to two hours long because of overcapacity issues. People are everywhere and at times, it’s overwhelming.

Here are tons pictures so you can better understand the craziness of Round Up weekend:  
ImageWaka Flaka, White Panda, and ASAP FERG all performed at Sigma Chi!

ImageIsn’t Emily the cutest?

ImageBecause who doesn’t want a flamingo on their face?

ImageThese girls, they’re the absolute best.


ImageImageWe love Texas Football and Texas Football loves us.


ImageOutfit change! Selfies for dazeeee.

ImageMy sweet roomie, Sarah!

Round Up weekend is spectacular. But, on the flip side, it’s absolutely exhausting. Hopping from party to party to party is fun but it gets so tiring! Power napping between the day parties and the night parties is an absolute must. I’m still catching up on sleep. It’s now Monday night and I’m working on an accounting project while an advertising test is looming over me on Thursday. Take me back to the weekend. Until next year, hook ’em horns from Round Up!

Pi Phi Love,



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