On Trend: Pink Winter Coats

During the winter, I find myself dressing in plenty of black and navy anything. Throw in my olive green J.Crew field jacket and crisp white Ralph Lauren button down and you’ve got my winter wardrobe. Classic colors that never go out of style.

I particularly love an all black look. So chic and sophisticated. And my red hair instantly becomes my best accessory.

But who says you always have to stick to these neutral colors all winter? Why do we have to wait until spring to break out the pastels? The answer is no: you don’t have to wear neutrals everyday and no we don’t have to wait until the dawn of spring to break out the wonderful spring hues.

These pink winter coats perfectly illustrate my point.


Especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, these coats are perfect. From a soft pale to bubblegum pink, the coats add the perfect pop of color. And they just scream loooooove.




Stay warm, everyone. Classes were cancelled today because of ice and I’m blogging from the comfort of my warm bed with a big mug of hot tea to my side. It’s below freezing and Texans are going crazy…we don’t understand the cold. Don’t necessarily know what to do with ourselves.

[All photos from Pinterest.com]


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