Walking in Style


So, a wonderful thing happened yesterday. I purchased my first pair of Kate Spade Keds. While this collaboration between Keds and kate spade new york has been going on for a while, I finally found the perfect pattern and the perfect place to wear them. I purchased these little beauties:


You in love with them like me? Cream with gold polka dots and a touch of pink. Kate Spade knows the way to my heart.

This summer I’m going to Europe for a couple of weeks in May and these sneakers will be my main go-to shoe when wandering the streets of Italy…and Austria…and Germany…and England (Woohoo!). And they’re so comfortable! And did I mention they’re so cute and that they’ll basically go with everything in my closet? Yeah, okay, you get the point.

Just check out all these adorable prints! I’m so in love with the multi- and gold-glittered ones with ribbon shoe laces!



Can’t wait to wear them! And don’t forget, you can get 15% off when you present your student ID at kate spade new york if you’re a college student!

Stepping into the New Year with style…


P.S. I also got these stylish little pumps as well…talk about sparkly. I am in glitter heaven! And the picture doesn’t encompass all of their amazing-ness.



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